State of Affairs, Bernie Sanders, and so on


      Above: A sober, factual analysis of the true state of decline in America. I think that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has some good points, and I’m sure there are plenty of things he has to say whether he agrees with them in principle or not- that is after all, the very nature OF politics… It’s obvious that he is no fool, and he does seem genuine rather than contrived. Hoping for the best, but there is a lot of tough competition this race.

    • Brendon Tristal
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  • Brendon Tristal What about the sharing economy? Indepedent contractors who take the full cost of operation on their own, yet often end up GROSSING less than minimum wage, while having to cover 100% of expenses as well as pay fees and percentage commissions to the tech company with the app patent and brand name? What is to stop Walmart from hiring independent cashiers? Who are paid by the second, and at the lowest rate anyone is willing to work for.. If they can find people who will take the “job” or contract for 15 cents an hour then that’s what it will pay… maybe that’s the next t hing
    • Brendon Tristal Fact is Americans now have more jobs than ever… Problem is, they don’t pay money, and there is no such thing as pension or retirement benefits anymore for the middle class (low to mid middle class)
    • Brendon Tristal I would be in favor of that idea, the lowest-bidder… even the government faces the reality that by increasing minimum wage, you will be CRUSHING the lives and opportunities of MILLIONS of americans who will NOT be making minimum wage, OR less than it either. Would you rather be able to work and at least survive and have a shot at a decent job, even if it’s not a good job.. and able to feed your kids… or live in a nation where it is ILLEGAL for companies or even small businesses (say, your neighbor who wouldn’t mind you lending a hand on a small project)… but you can’t even get that work because it’s MUCH cheaper to have robots and the emerging markets (India, China, and so on) do it.. not to mention Americans being displaced out of jobs right here at home, jobs that are taken by foreigners not because they are cheaper but because they have to IMPORT workers just to find workers who are skilled enough to perform the work!! True story! So this stuff about hiring people to build roads sounds nice, but really what matters is EDUCATION and even more than that, CULTURE. We need to make America STRONG again! We need to have at the core of our values a DESIRE and the WILL to succeed, to ACHIEVE! We need engineers and we need inventors and pioneers.. we need experts in various fields; what we need is to revitalize our CULTURE and stop obsessing over pop culture and “living it up” and be grateful for what quality of life we have INHERITED by the hard work, the hard labor and the prosperity of our forefathers who came before us. Or do I need to say forewomen?

      I’d be for the idea of a walmart employee who “supervises” the self-checkout lanes (six or eight of them) and doesn’t get paid, except 15 cents per time he or she has to swipe his or her “manager override” id card now and then… (that is how Uber works, basically) – the time when the machines are working fine, the self checkout cashier supervisors are “on their own time” as “independent contractors” – heck they can be on the phone, go on facebook and text their friends, go shopping in the store…. I’d be in favor of that, because it represents an open market… but only in theory. In practice, what actually happens is that patent-holders and people who own land or shares in corporations make the big bucks, while most jobs are automated or mechanized, and this forces the result to be a wide income gap or ‘inequality’ – super poor being the majority and super rich at the top.

      What else…

      We are facing an economic crisis, an energy crisis, food and water shortages, not to mention pollution… We will have to reform… I can’t even get into it all here… but we will be facing a virtual mass extinction event if we don’t manage this correctly…

      ‘you can see now what I mean when I talk about ‘flaws in human nature’ – of course we are not perfect; I am simply saying that through education we will need to change our ways or we will be facing a lot of strife, war, hunger, poverty and so on.. and those who are smart enough to “think” their way out of these problems- and smart enough to possibly have prevented it- will instead be hiding under a rock or moving to another country when it happens, what has always happened. Can’t blame them, right’

      If we continue on this path we WILL be facing either hyperinflation or debt slavery or both… So far we have seen both, in some degrees, but that’s nothing compared to what is happening in other countries. We are still at the mercy of China.. imagine if the price of your products suddenly increased 5 times.. And your income was worthless, you couldn’t even get money out of the bank… Look at Greece, or Russia… Truly it is only our military that is holding this together, and our armaments industry

      (yet China can hack our designs and churn out jet fighters and aircraft carriers and can wipe us out with EMP’s and lasers and they know it)

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