Just want to add one little bit to all that… And also FINALLY ESCAPE FROM THAT HORRIBLE BLUE BOX!!!! lol…  I want to elaborate further  about how you and I aren’t really back together or coming back together (I am not talking about “getting back together” dating-wise; I am referring to the both of us just as two people talking, who USED TO talk and share many special moments, even in text, using simply language….  “getting our shit back together”… excuse my language lol) – meaning simply that “vibe” or the way we “jived” together is being a little bit like having a full tank of gas, but you keep turning the key to “IGNITION” and instead of sparks flying and cylinders firing, we might hear a “pop” every now and then, but that deep, sexy rumbling sound of that purring powerful V-8 we both know is under the hood just won’t fire up.
It doesn’t run on pretzels; lol – although WE do, sometimes, run on pretzels (so what about the carbs!  “Sometimes fuel injection is overrated” – Plus carbs are simpler; like one of the essences or forces of nature and Earth itself:  Sort of like Earth, Wind and Fire.
We know for any engine to start, we need several things.  We need fuel, of course.  Sometimes we run on different grades of fuel, but I think we’re covered for the most part there.  What else?  Air.  It’s nice and cool, fairly dry… although, to be honest, sometimes our air PRESSURE on the barometer can suggest a storm is coming, and emotionally, that can sometimes get to us despite having enough fuel.
You see, if the MIXTURE of air and fuel is off, even slightly, we won’t be able to have that big BANG!  firing off inside those cylinders.  AND WE NEED ALL OF THE CYLINDERS FIRING IN UNISON!   All together now, lol!  Just like when you’re pedaling on a bicycle, your knee and your butt and your foot all need to ALIGN properly to avoid wear and tear that we might not notice immediately – especially during operation, because during operation we are all focused on getting the cycle to run smoothly, and besides, as long as we’ve got a charge in our oil pump and some good oil in there, the bearings will handle that.
Although, keep in mind you also need to have your valves operating in PERFECT TIMING along with the last essential component to get this passionate beast to move:  SPARKS.
Once your battery has gotten the crank and camshafts rotating, and your valves opening and closing, and the fuel mixing with the air just right…. as each cylinder breathes in fuel and oxygen, and the next holds its breath, closes its valves, and prepares to breathe fire and execute a PERFECT STROKE OF POWER with ONE SWIFT FIREBALL – it all must begin with that little SPARK at JUST the right moment, under JUST the right conditions.
All of this is not magic or mystery – at least not to those some throughout history have called gods.  It can be very mysterious, even exciting, to those who do not understand it completely.
And if we’re talking about HUMAN essentials of fire, air, and water – not to mention that extra thing that is difficult to pin down and define, PASSION – then truly, it is ONLY GOD who can even begin to understand the true nature of our UNIVERSE.
As you well understand, without the right KEY, you cannot open your computer, your house, your car, or even your HEART.
At the very HEART of what we refer to as LOVE is a form of KEY.  This key is unlike anything we can imagine; it is certainly unlike anything any human can ever hold or even imagine to hold or touch.  We can build jewelry and other adornments that REPRESENT these ethereal (yet VERY REAL) “concepts” – one example might be a necklace of a heart shape with a key or other emblem.
Going back to the analogy of how MANKIND has literally HARNESSED – much like a horse – just a tiny fraction of the incredible, mind-blowing technology that is every bit a part of this universe as we ourselves – it is ESSENTIAL that we build and maintain, even if we don’t necessarily entirely understand, all of the “ingredients” necessary to make this fiery main course – NEVERMIND DESSERT – come out clean and with a nice, clear POP! – one that some might even call a “BANG.”
Whatever we call it, just like an old truck whose owner might refer to her as “Old Faithful”, this creation too, however essential or desirable it is in our lives, always requires the spark, the timing, the breath of air, fuel, and fire – AND SOMETIMES, EVEN SOME ICY WATER TO COOL THINGS DOWN –
This is one hot tamale, and so sometimes it simply needs to be given a little extra TLC, perhaps a little extra oil here and there (I never said she was perfect – but few things in all of time and space could ever be described as such)…
Do not worry and do not fear; all good things run in cycles, including the earth itself which gives us each day the very food and sustenance which our own bodies require to function.
Brendon Tristal
February 26, 2017

One response to “DEAREST SHAUNA, DIAMOND of my LIFE

  1. We broke up shortly after this last attempt to woo her.

    Next time, if there is a next time, I need an intellectual girl but also one who can be goofy and silly it’s a MUST for me.


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