My Opinion Matters!

I’m not boring. I’m different, you might say… although honestly, I am just a person on this planet who was probably meant to be born in another era or a different galaxy… something like that. A lot of people say the same thing; it’s not that weird. And many people simply aren’t satisfied with the way the world ‘works’. In general, I believe that at no point in history has it ever been that EVERYONE was COMPLETELY happy with the way society was operating.

Thus, the role of GOVERNMENT was to make sure everyone was speaking the same language, on the same page, and also much like a family that sticks together or a tribe that hunts and protects its young; the governments of many nations in history have used all manner of methods to keep the social “adhesive” intact… to keep essential business operating, to keep the people safe from foreign threats looking to rape and plunder, and so on.

The world is a MUCH bigger place now, yet it seems smaller. It’s much bigger *functionally* – if not to our perception – historically, because in the past, one’s traveling radius was MUCH smaller. Perhaps say 100 miles would be considered at the high end, except for special operators such as merchants, cartographers, messengers, and explorers.

Just try going for a hike in the woods…. when you’re say a mile or two in, and there’s NO pavement anywhere, and the trail isn’t very wide – you’re surrounded by thorny brush and perhaps poisonous plants, maybe even dangerous animals and snakes…. maybe swamps too .. THAT is the world that we had to navigate when we were younger (I’m speaking of the human race, when I say “we were younger”)

The world now can be reached instantly over video and audio chat. Not only as broadcast, but even individuals can communicate “face to face” using very high quality H.263 videoconferencing.

Even individuals on their cell phones – most of which now have processing power that almost matches that of what the average PC had not very long ago – right in our hands or pockets -can within mere seconds, open an app, click on the name or nickname of one of their friends, and speak to them in such a way that multiple participants can join the conversation, contribute ideas, share their thoughts, and so on. The video links not only allow each user to come to recognize each other as if they were meeting in person, allowing them to read facial expressions … this is something that is EXTREMELY important.. think about poker… there’s a good reason companies spend so much money on high resolution videoconferencing capabilities… Not only is it cheaper and faster to “teleport” to the factory in China or Mexico or Germany to speak directly with the management team at the site…. it also allows the transfer of data such as blueprints, confidential information, business plans, and so on – information that could do severe damage in the wrong hands … or could also be used to cheat playing the stock market – this information might be carried on the person of a member of the company, costing very much in time and money… or, alternatively, a courier service.

But with encryption and security protocols, it is now possibly safer to transmit such information across public lines – it is certainly much faster.


All of these impressive capabilities have “trickled down” to us. We, the regular people of the world, now have in our hands the same computing power that used to require an entire building or two, and a very talented and busy maintenance staff to keep everything running.

I think sometimes it’s almost funny how we’ve reacted to this. It is seriously as if aliens had come down from outer space and hand-delivered us these incredible capabilities!

I know that for many people, “technology” is a bad word. They associate it not with progress, but a sort of de-evolution of the human race, as we have gotten lazy and fat, allowing petroleum, coal, and nuclear power to do almost everything for us. All most of us need to do now is get out of bed, maintain our physical cleanliness, brush our teeth, get dressed, go outside for maybe thirty seconds (if at all), open the garage door, take a seat in that comfortable new car and get things in gear. Show up at work, the store, wherever – it’s all the same.

It’s funny how many of those who claim to be against technology and science have no problems about driving a car rather than walking in the hot sun or a storm. They don’t mind eating food that just flew in from across the entire planet, or eating grains that require genetic engineering as well as oil-based mechanical harvesting – and processing!

All these things go on behind the scenes. What’s behind the order counter at your local fast food restaurant is NOTHING compared what goes on behind the scenes beyond the delivery truck. Our supply lines ARE our technology; we are part of a global economy and many don’t even know it. Sometimes, you can even find people that will not believe you, if you tell them about certain things like this. I believe I’ve seen a few TV shows where someone in the show goes around and exposes strangers walking down the street to certain little tidbits of information, and they are incredulous.

I enjoy possessing knowledge. It is unique in that it can be shared over and over again, it can be edited and modified and updated – it can be processed – and best of all, it can be used to make life more comfortable.

I see people STRUGGLE in life, and it’s so sad, because so often, the struggle would not even exist if such a person simply had KNOWLEDGE of one particular thing or another.

Often, unfortunately, some of these people who either don’t understand technology, or have some philosophical or moral argument against the use of technology – or perhaps simply have never been given the opportunity for a proper education in how to utilize not only technology, but how to understand and deal with the way technology can come into our lives, whether we want it or not – for example, dealing with the voice robots when you call for customer service.

And in the next five to ten years, it will become ever more drastically noticeable, as human labor is phased out, and machines basically take over. Imagine a fast food restaurant … with NO employees… just maybe ONE contractor, perhaps not even on site but ON CALL… and who will be the one to CALL that technician? Not who, but what! And the answer is, one of the sensors on the machines triggering software to take action over the network.

I do not understand why people would want to act against their own interests by purposely avoiding learning about technology. It’s actually quite exciting. And, like motorcycles – a somewhat older form of technology – and television, to name another technology – it happens to be the case that many of these people have given in and do use the Internet.

It’s like when the telephone was invented. I’m sure many people scoffed at the idea of not having the decency and courtesy of paying a proper visit. How lazy, to sit at home to deliver news or information. It’s almost like cheating!

What I’d like to do is find ways to make it easier for people who are already using technology – who ALREADY OWN the technology – or lease it, in the case of software on their cell phone – to make use of it.

Even I, supposedly a lifelong technology enthusiast, have dozens if not hundreds of cool features and functions that are not only beneficial, but can save money, are educational, and allow more of us to broaden our prospects for survival in the coming Robotapocalypse.

March 11, 2017

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