Even a taste of SUCCESS can get one going…

It feels so awesome to do something like a challenging project, or any form of work, where the end result is tangible and especially if it is a useful product.

Doing some cleaning, I found my old Mobius dash cam I got from NYC back in early 2014.  Great camera with a lot of potential, just very quirky and FULL of annoying things like power source, programming, it’s NOT user friendly AT all…   So I said, what the heck, and just spent the last two days – several hours – of intense studying and learning about how to get this Mobius “amaeur/DIY/spy” camera working again after years of not even touching it.

Guess what?  Turns out not only the internal battery STILL works (if it didn’t, I have a backup plan…. a pair of capacitors spec’d to fit both physically and electrically… that charge in seconds, for use such as automatic on and off vehicle dash cam transparent to user.


Very tiny, customizeable. INCREDIBLE price.

You can program it to do almost anything except grow legs and walk around. Turns out it’s also very well supported, and the firmware released to public has been updated about a dozen times, each with notes regarding any issues resolved.

Since the main reason I went through all of this was to finally get my hands on a TRUE HI DEF (1080p, or over 2,000 pixels wide for 4:3 still shots!!!) in order to do TIME LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY.

It has a wide field of view, as you might see in my dashcam use from years ago in Charlotte – the resolution really is superb, and when you hold it in your hand and look at the thing it is truly IMPRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY. And it’s still for sale and the store in NYC where I ordered it from … still in existence and FULLY SUPPORTED!

Beyond impressed, am I. Cannot BELIEVE such an amazing thing, sold as a “spy camera”, is also tripod mountable, and can use any sort of mount, and now you can even buy a replacement CCD/LENS extension cord (very fragile i can imagine) – this would be so that you could glue or tiedown the body and heat sinks (the computer body) to one part of say, an item in which you are installing the spy camera – and then a 7 inch wire for you to position the actual lens and CCD device into the proper desired position, perhaps even motorized and controlled via a PLC (programmable l ogic controller) such as Arduino.

I cannot BELIEVE how affordable this EXTREMELY amazing camera is. The one drawback to it is that it is NOT USER FRIENDLY if you are not a 100% computer nerd and tech geek.

I spent hours just to get it to properly format the microSD card, get the firmware to match up with my other hardware machine, by the way it plays right out beautifully right off the cable on my Linux powered laptop – I

I am so, so THRILLED that I was able to accomplish this, and now make use of something that due to the firmware updates new features, IS NOW A BRAND NEW PRODUCT.

It can also be refocused using a micro hex key (included) to act as a microscope (macro mode).

Truly impressive.

I will instead of rewriting history and reinventing the wheel, provide one or two links that were very helpful to me. If you are a tech geek in any way and enjoy photography like me – this is your day!

I also have an excellent but very expensive and large giant Nikon professional camera, but it is PROPRIETARY so I cannot program it myself thanks to the fact that Nikon Inc. simply does not bother or does not want to permit such BEAUTIFUL FUNCTIONALITY without paying ULTRA PREMIUM prices. Fair enough; it would also be user friendly. Perhaps I can finally learn how to hack into my Nikon and program procedures through my laptop?

This is SO COOL no one will understand how cool it is until they actually see it in person and oh did i metion can also run on Android? Although for the app there is a charge to pay. Could be tottally worth it; didn’t look into the features yet.

So the INTERNAL battery (up to 800mah) can shoot for like over 2 hours. The card slot accommodates as much as 128 gigabytes now… it’s amazing, and so you can either program your modes on your laptop and then just go out with the camera BY ITSELF and use it that way…. or record something like a WEEK of video, using the right size external USB standard power supply. Mine is as large as a large cell phone and twice as heavy, and it will literally power a good laptop if it were set up to do so. I’ve charged both my handycam and my android phone on tis two ports, on a flight, and the four blue LEDs remained indicating the charge level was between 75 and 100%.

Omg wow I had no idea I was THIS much of a nerd. It really is severe; ii could almost be classified as a human malfunction because of the simple fact that almost NOBODY else understands what I’m talking about but it’s really fairly simple if you have a strong basic education and some patience.

First order of business is to practice and get used to the various setups, You see, although it’s a product sold on the open market, it’s not really a consumer product -0 its a specialty item really. Walmart for example would never ever try to sell this thing because honestly, nearly EVERYONE who might buy it would RETURN it once they realized how much work it really takes to operate it (set it up, customize parts, program, firmware, resolution, frame rate, sound settings, it and so much more.)

If you love [photography and feel up for a bit of a fun challenge.. take this project on. I am EXTREMELY happy with this!!! It’s as if I have a brand new toy yet it’s the same physical product I’ve had for YEARS!!!

If that fact alone is not awesome I don’t know what is. This is SO encouraging, for me in my other studies (ICS/SCADA, working on PLCs, industrial automation, etc.)

it’s the only jobs that ‘ll be around pretty son anymore – despite a skilled workforce, many will be quite skilled yet without work. I want to be able to work with such a diverse skill set as I already have, that it would be impossible to fire me.

Money doesn’t talk anymore; money listens. Skills do the talking.  In younger years I had less patience and discipline – so now, having more of those things, I am now able to pursue my true dreams.

 My phone stacked nicely on top of the Aukey external power pack, even though both phone and Mobius camera all have their own internal lipo sources. There’s a learning curve communicating in led flashes.. I feel I have FINALLY made it into the junior part of the big league. Because I’m so so close to my life goals now…. the feeling of knowing I’m capable of so much and how much I’ve accumulated In my brain over the years is simply stunning
. As I get older i am amazed at my brain. I had not thought it would be able to retain SO MUCH knowledge and skills for so long all with the cumulative impact of experience and that thing called “wisdom”. I am generally aware that I’m relatively intelligent, but I am being blown away today after what it took to do what I did without having to do more than one Google search… lol
I am still not clear enough on the USB specs, which vary, and their engineering methods..  but the Mobius will change to Output Mode if pin 4 is shorted to the ground wire.
I just spent about half an hour researching this and other USB plans; here is the best explanation and diagram of the “USB mini B” (5 pin version).
>> Credit for this information/source is http://www.pinoutguide.com at:
Mini-USB Pin
VCC +5V, up to 500 mA by USB 2.0 standard
USB Data-
USB Data+
USBOTGID. Shorted to GND, N/C, or shorted to GND via resistor
Colors do not mean anything – just make sure the colors match from end to end. Using the de-facto color is for industry types only.
The maximum length of a standard USB cable (for USB 2.0 or earlier) is 5.0 metres (16.4 ft). The primary reason for this limit is the maximum allowed round-trip delay of about 1,500 ns. If USB host commands are unanswered by the USB device within the allowed time, the host considers the command lost.

The data cables for USB 1.x and USB 2.x use a twisted pair to reduce noise and crosstalk. USB 3.0 cables are more complex and employ shielding for some of the added data lines (2 pairs); a shield is added around the pair sketched.”

Ok it’s me Brendon again…. that is an EXCELLENT source of information and I plan to reference it again in the future myself.  Another one I found is   http://www.cablestogo.com/learning/connector-guides/usb#5-pin

As you can see, the Mobius processing unit senses the 4/5 link and begins transmission of digital video on one USB line and digital audio on the other. IEEE and USB.. thank you everyone all through our history.  Allowing us to pursue our dreams and ambitions without having been born directly into money or a family of engineers. The world is changing so fast now and it is going to keep accelerating. I take the moral and philosophical meanings and consequences of these changes that are coming very seriously and Literally think all day long..

It is really great to take a break from trying to get my future poor self to be able to support himself and maybe a wife as well; this tiniest of projects has h
Cheered my mood so greatly. To all… always remember… All work No play.. is not good it does not pay.

Here is the link for the Mobius action cam original; from this page you can find the others two units they’ve produced since I got mine in 2014 (Mobius original).  The subsequent two produced are called Mobius 2 and Mobius Mini.  Since they are all quite small, I imagine the main differences would be things like ease of use, reliability, applications and so on.

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