Lower solid-state computer storage (SSD) prices – and the wider implications

Is it not amazing how Affordable The high speed 16 gig is. Like ten bucks lol. Solid state drives have come to take the planet by storm, and along with networking and ICS… PLCs and sensors Everywhere even attached inside of your tattoo (yes, that is real technology not just IDIOCRACY) and embedded in our clothing 👕 and our jewelry and even our bodies without our knowledge (for example “dog and cattle tracker” Passive-reactive RFID tags inserted into the body can make use of both radiofrequency-induced grid power for activation and comm links but also RTG technologies along with possible scavenging or harvesting our blood energy ⚡from our very own blood cells (sick lol… your internal transmitter powered by that healthy sugary breakfast)l…. 100 foot range results from this type, so EVERYONE can have their own Samsung Pay or Apple Pay … instead of swiping your phone or pressing buttons or fiddling with fingerprint readers… 100 ft range means not only no need for a walmart cashier…. n
But no need for self checkout either. Just go in grab what you want and walk out… no need to do anything at all. No need for anything but utterly transparent scanners and a billing and invoicing system that is 100 per cent transparent…. Invisible!… to the shopper or other user.
So no cashiers. No self checkout. No cash at all. No need even for walmart because Amazon.com is capable of making all of this possible, without the need for human warehouse or stockboys… You won’t need to even go to the store it’ll come to you… But for the old timers by then (like us) we might go on tour bus 🚌vacations to go shopping in a real retail store 🏪 OMG 😱 because the nearest retail anything other than food and convenience stores will be an oddity and by then a FOND MEMORY ….
When WE are finally the “old farts” how will we seem to the unborn generations?
Then again we may outlive our own children in many cases… because…
Yes 👍 the sedentary lifestyle and industrial processed “food” industry has done us well (I put “food” in quotes because SO MUCH of what is FRAUDULENTLY sold to us labelled as good is nothing more than certain chemicals (that’s the “food” part) and synthetic flavors designed exactly the way drugs are (only tested for safety FAR LESS if you can imagine that being possible.. In other words, ABSOLUTELY ZERO 0⃣ HUMAN OR ANIMAL trials for for this so called “food” SAFETY.
But it matters not. Because we will also all have FREE healthcare.. along with no jobs, tons of junk food and chemicals, pumped with prescriptions so much that even when the world of “BLACK MIRROR” and “1984” have finally merged with Orphan Black…. we will finally teach nirvana.

Peace On Earth, no starvation, no crime.
Pure heaven on earth! A/k/a pure GLUTTONY..
That is when the SAi robot government will literally grow tired of watching us all bicker for life sport but while also meaning it for real in real life… And history such as the Fall of Rome can occur naturally at a GLOBAL scale.
AND say Hi to
Bernie Sanders for me :)I

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