Morality and Religion, Good & Evil – Are They Real??

 Subject influenced by this video’s premise, free of charge on YouTube… I HIGHLY recommend before or after reading this post, you at least skim through its subject matter, especially if you don’t study whatsoever theoretical physics.
Lately, there is a movement (yet again… it’s nothing new in history) which aims to question or define the nature of our universe.  Never mind Earth and life and human beings; we’re talking about the real roots of what we call reality.
While fascinating, the point is moot…. surprisingly scientists and physicists are doing another 180 yet again and looking at so called “religion”… the battle as in the matrix is going on all around us and all the time. like a video game, both good and evil entities (selfish and greedy and hedonists … basically, the type of person who does not care at all whatsoever about the pain and suffering or starvation, slavery, forced labor, rape torture and abuse of others, as long as they don’t see it, some even if they do see it and watch it for sheer pleasure. this is true evil. murderers rapists etc – the ones who ‘get off on’ (derive pleasure from) acts such as performing or watching others suffer (rape porn for one instance)….. role play and ‘simulated’ role playing when it comes to sexual fantasy is completely different because it runs n an entirely different circuit breaker line…. it it the sympathetic nervous system being put into fight or flight mode which by nature initiates stimulation hat can be routed somehow to sex, to drive a very odd method of sexual process that some people seem to prefer. however some argue that this is a dark road to go down like a rabbit hole.. we don’t know where it leads. we do know that those who have been abused tend to become abusers, as well as tend to prefer “abusive style” role play ie simulated rape…. this, they enjoy. is it out of self hatred, or is it something else? i believe a think tank would give us some insights by which psychologists across the world could use to GREATLY benefit abuse victims.
A note about me, the writer:  I am, or strive exceptionally, to be “good” in the conventional sense.  Treat others as you wish to be treated, love yourself as well as others – yet I am also suspicious of the unspoken, ulterior motives of others… perhaps a result of having been raised in NY and NJ… hahaha.
Brendon Tristal
March 26, 2017

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