An Impromptu Explanation of “What” I am, not merely “who”

I am a PC guy from way back in high school and college, where the big money makers go to build thier captive audience (meaning, by introducing their new “essential tools for learning such as hardware and software – 100% proprietary… and then a few years later hire the products of those institutions and by this method along with several others are able to obtain what is popularly referred to as “corporate welfare” – basically taxes going to certain companies via certain channels – I’m not talking anything even remotely covert here… this is common knowledge to anyone with a brain…… just like college tuition the more u pay the less u get. i got tired of that so i’mi on a journey of migration hopefully permanently to Linux. Hope it’s easy to learn android and mac tho i don’t know windows either really. Not a programmer …. just know how to set settings and o a little of this and a little of that. A programmer is a totally different creature than say a network admin.

I would like to learn more code than the minimum necessary for router configuration and setting keys and frequencies etc. .. i want to be able to bring to life my infinite ideas and inventions because at a ripe old age of 37, i have grown very vey tired of over and over again having a serious invention and or business idea or frameowk…. ony to watch a few years later as an entire company centers its product line around those very “new”ideas.

I would have done them myself, and I have tried, but always hit the wall od financing a project. It’s alwyas there.. there’s no avoiding it. And ven those friends of mine with talent and similar mindsets… who are iwtnesses of these claims over the years, and see me as highly intellligent (meanwhile I see myself as a bumbling fool … the old jack of all trades master of none.

You’d think in this new economy.. upcoming economy and the major shifts in global operatios and lifestyle, and society in general will actually benefit thse such as myself, because i am capable of performing many different tasks in an impressive variety of fields of study… and also do them well, because i . love to learn and understand how things work – including ociety and machines and the universe and the human brain… there is NO LIMIT to learning and it is a geat hobby that i wish more people wouls participate in, because I feel like an alien amongst the gneral public.

Even when it comes to dating, not just friendship, I’ve been told that when it comes to arguments or debates I ‘never lose” and that either scares them off or causes them to worship me like a god, neither of which are preferences of mine because both are irrational, or at least a failure in forethought in their analysis.

One response to “An Impromptu Explanation of “What” I am, not merely “who”

  1. P.S. apologies for the typographical errors; due to an injury it is extremely laborious and i’ve been doing it for the past many hours, along with reading. Also here’s an ingterestig video:


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