Update for my followers: WordPress and Domain Merge Pricing, strategies

Update: I leased a domain for this for 2 years – after reading on wordpress account settings that it would be 13.99….  i got out my credit card and the total was like $99 … bait and switch.  Funniest of all, I couldn’t even find a way to simply pay the 13.99  thus i refuse to pay; i cannot afford even $35 a year let alone $99 or more. So much for that. I’ll have to find a better way to do SEO than a domain link to something like this page, which is a blog and more of an autobiography and publication of some of my more interesting / bizarre thoughts and ideas. My hope is that out of all the thousands of people who read my articles, and view my videos (I find Facebook useless so far because well, frankly it’s too popular and not specific, and so full of ads and privacy issues I plan to migrate away from it entirely in favor of google YouTube and Instagram. Speaking of Instagram i created an account today. . My ID there is “Lovemeorhatemysoul” lol 🙂

SEO MUST be my next objective.  I could create all the content in the world hoping for that one piece that goes viral….  and that has happened to me, and paid off… but it’s not enough for a living wage, so I am forced to work long hours every day studying this and that.. next is SEO and also raspberry pi … linux, and Arduino… o save mney on software and hardware.

I do know a few good people with like minded ideas and intelligence, but they all have busy lives and incredibly, it’s difficult to even find someone to act as a backup moderator.  this is truly DIY lol

Hey…. Anyone looking for a think tank member?  I’m available… lol

I do not like to brag… i ABHOR it… but to be frank i am a one in a million … not only literally but almost everyone who knows me will tell you I am extremely intelligent, and so much so that I am unable to have casual conversation with most people without either accidentally insulting them or basically scaring them away, I have been told my vocabulary and speech are ‘too proper’ and for some reason they would rather retreat to their comfort zones.  I don’t spend my time on sports or games I spend it studying and learning.  I am a true geek.  I have many shortcomings such as time management and often an inability to stop working until I literally am almost falling over (but that’s my signal that it’s time for bed) lol!

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