How to Destroy the United States of America

Let me know what you think! This ‘stream of consciousness” writing.. I’ve always wnated to someday try to write a book, but I doubt I’d ever be able to stay on topic, or avoid “getting political” (honestly though – is it even possible to have an intellectual conversation without politics coming up at some point?

I am posting this here because I think I just touched on some important issues relating to how the same people who (claim to) want to help the poor and disadvantaged are sometimes doing SERIOUS harm that they are not even aware of, perhaps because it cannot be quantified in their little checkbox system and questionnaires (aka what they refer to as, “Science” (lol, how sad is that). >>>

I am a hobbyist in the specialty of technology that I feel is “cool” (exciting).. that is… stuff that I like because I’m really curious about how it works, and or because my mind foresees amazing future applications (whether I build and invent then or NOT… and I. finally old enough to start wanting to be one of those who DO and not just dream… Anyone can dream… that’s not special it’s not even a commodity it’s almost a waste product. ACTION… taking action and being DECISIVE is where I’ve been perpetually lacking, and through the use of books and studying as well as professional services and motivational reprogramming *of my own brain.. which most definitely MUST include a STRICT regimen of EXERCISE with HEALTHY diet (diet meaning food.. but also meaning avoiding “mindless eating”…

As far as that goes (mindless eating – and that “general malaise” that has a distinct correlation with laziness, but causation vs. correlation is another question…)

I was never seriously overweight or ever had an eating problem but even I’m surprised at just how EASY & Natural it really is to just keep on my munching away at whatever you’re eating.. ESPECIALLY (usually artificial – especially “bee food” (sugary snacks with sugar contents high enough for hummingbirds and bees to be able to hover and VTOL like a Harrier jet)… —

Snacks and finger food… items that do not require cooking or ANY work for prep whatsoever (Not even microwaving or simple heating) … it’s SO lazy, that when you consider the way almost all humans’ operating systems and survival instincts OVERRIDE, IN GENERAL, all CONSCIOUS or intentional effort at eating less food than you want… you begin to realize that ARTIFICIAL FOOD is a human brain HACK… in a very bad way. Not very different from how some people have a taste of alcohol, and then keep drinking it far beyond reason..

But with [junk] food, perhaps (the instinct) is for survival -because it used to literally be life and death; when there was only so much food available for a certain number of people (in the family or group/clan) – that plus the trade and farming/hunting means of acquiring food was such that it was often either feast or famine – sometimes after a kill or a score of crops, you had a lot of food – more than all of you could eat at once – and other times, one hunter might have brought back one animal that was not enough to feed everyone – so, the more aggressive (probably males) – that is to say, those who SURVIVED and of whom WE are their descendants (as opposed to being descendants of those who did not fight for their food – those particular DNA setups would have died off, so if you’re alive, it’s because of things like that)….

So let’s say you HAD to stuff your face or you might starve if you didn’t get your next meal in time…. even if starvation itself didn’t kill you, I am pretty sure malnourishment was one of, if not THE leading cause of disease! And think about this… back in those days, almost any sort of disease meant you could not work or hunt or whatever you did to survive – you would thus be ENTIRELY at the mercy of others in your family/clan (better hope they loved you!!! lol)

Two weeks of the flu – even a painful limb – could literally become a death sentence. At the very least it would knock you down very brutally, socioeconomically. It could even destroy your reputation and status in your group.

I could go MUCH further, even writing an entire book, but for this little bit here, i believe i touch on some important issues. Sadly i do not have time to develop them and explain and illustrate the connections between seemingly disparate concepts…

All my life, from teachers to being in the advanced “high IQ” classes, and friends and bosses… people say i am highly intelligent. I don’t necessarily agree; i am far from perfect and have many serious deficits.

I suspect that the reason people think I am “smart” is because my mind *extensively* and very rapidly connects a LOT of “dots” – and also uses plenty of “divergent thought” – by that I mean I am ALWAYS processing information – in class, teachers thought I was just dozing off, daydreaming, or trying to nap, but the truth is that I was taking whatever I’d just learned and running endless simulations on what would possibly be the outcome if I combined that information with x, y, and z, which I had learned earlier. I also take my knowledge base and use my processing power to be even more creative and test hypotheses right in my mind. I’m very visual. I sometimes can even construct a prototype of something all in my mind, and analyze things like forces and stresses relating to applications – I would LOVE to start doing that with programming.

I think the job market in my field is extremely competitive – and that’s okay, because I am a very serious contender when I put my mind to something (especially when I enjoy it) – but unfortunately society/people are such that if I talk to the 99% and try to have an “honest conversation” (that is, without “dumbing myself down” as they call it – i ABHOR that phrase, and i also abhor the entire concept of doing it.

In fact, I sincerely believe that at least in part – it is thanks to these truths that we now live in a “bouncy castle” for adults –
and don’t even get me started on “safe spaces” – Let me just say that if this kind of stuff continues, the United States of America will either simply fall to pieces and cease to exist, or else become a VERY ugly type of “police state” with thought police (refer to Orwell’s 1984.. extremely prescient)… And those things may or may not happy, but there’s another VERY serious danger, and that is simple DEFEAT – primarily economically, and then subsequent to that (which is occurring RIGHT NOW – this is why Donald J. Trump won the election – people who have eyes to see and wisdom to understand see the writing on the wall, and the destruction, defeat, and/or “absorption” or “merger” of the USA into some other government regulating body (such as the European Union… )…

We don’t need to have a system wherein everything is done at the Lowest Common Denominator.

We don’t need to set our priorities in such a way that catering to every little nitpicking detail that the most ignorant and foolish person/people in society can come up with to cost our taxpayer funded government millions and yes, billions – even trillions of dollars – and oh yeah, we also have as a result an entire society with the mentality that goes with lawsuits and total wastes of time and resources that should be considered CRIMINAL ACTS in and of themselves!!!

I’m talking about nonsense like McDonald’s coffee cups having a label saying caution coffee is hot. (Never mind that can you bet your ass if it WEREN’T hot, that same customer would be complaining and demanding a new free hot coffee).
Catering to stupidity and ignorance and foolishness does not help them. In fact it reinforces the behavior, and it even goes so far as to teach them to use it as a strategy for personal gain.
That is one way CRIMINALS are formed. So, bleeding heart liberals, unless you think it’s cool to cause innocent people to be psychologically manipulated into becoming criminals and liars and basically overall, disingenuous people that form into ‘cliques’ that is then referred to as “the underground” or the “underclass” – you are not helping poor innocent children or young adults – or ANY adults – by doing them favors, because a bleeding heart cannot sustain the host and furthermore, it is a VERY real and dangerous vector of contagion for some of the absolute WORST diseases – not just HIV but also ideological cancers such as communism.

To sum it up, I am witnessing organized AND disorganized groups and movements – most of which consist of, I believe, very good people who have a sense of right and wrong, but who have simply been hacked or hijacked into an evil agenda that wishes to remove the United States as the world superpower. Even those who understand this can be good people – they are, in my most serious wish and belief, most of them, moral people who simply lack the information that they have been intentionally and systematically trained to ignore (through psychological warfare techniques, such as “induced responses” like getting angry and being unable and unwilling to even listen to – or even allow a person to SPEAK… let alone read and actually study reality and history – this “religion” is a disease and a cancer not just to America – oh no, it is far worse than that. I am a patriotic American, but even I understand the gravity of what is happening, and I fully understand that, as much as I love my country, what is happening in it and around the world has the potential to do incalculable harm and create human suffering on such a scale that would make the entirety of the history of the United States – including the Colonial times – appear meek and almost moot in comparison. What we are facing now is nothing less than a complete global interlocking government, even where countries call themselves sovereign they do so in name only, and where many leaders are merely figureheads, sort of like a Dr. Phil show for the masses.

I for one, and I’m not alone, do NOT want my global superpower country – the United States of America – to become the subservient slave, or a mere colony, not to the British, not to the EU, not to the UN, not to any external entity. I can’t say the same for every so-called country in the world – I hear about lists of “100 countries” that signed some agreement – what a joke that is. Quality, not quantity, my friends. It is absolutely all that matters in this game. We need a QUALITY government that represents the QUANTITY of the people. Not “democracy” because as everyone knows, it is literally impossible except “on paper” as a theoretical model.

I will concur, there is NO perfection in government. And there is NO perfection in all of humanity, either. This is why I believe in SMALL government – it means that ALL stakeholders / citizens can attend the board meetings, and make their voices heard, such that issues can be amicably resolved, and ALL taxpayer money is fully accounted for.

If we can do this, which is my ardent desire and has been for as long as I can remember – and also stop fighting each other and bickering over seemingly huge topics but which are really INSIGNIFICANT compared to the vital necessity of respecting and RESPECTFULLY debating your fellow citizens – your “brothers and sisters” – your, quite literally, your NEIGHBORS – if we all can agree on the “golden rule” – to treat others the way we wish to be treated by others – and live our lives like that every day – it STILL won’t be perfect, because let’s say you like to be treated in such a way that someone else would absolutely not even tolerate, or even take offense. But it’s the best place we have to start.

And one last thing.. if you believe in mutual respect between/among all US citizens (let’s start there before we talk about “global citizens” – always worry about your OWN house and your OWN neighbors FIRST; take care of your own family and city before you even waste time trying to solve the world’s problems without having first solved your own community’s problems. You don’t need perfection but you do need to use reliable and accurate metrics and set firm goals that include some flexibilty, because it’s always a dynamic situation and with SO many variables at play, there is no way we can set strict rules and expect them to make sense indefinitely. Take speed limits for example. And besides, if laws never had to change, all lawmakers would be 100% out of business!

One of my dreams is to build an AI that can administer most roles of government. It sounds scary, but it would require human input for every decision that has a bearing beyond a certain threshold – established by humans – AND every single decision would still be able to be appealed at any time by anyone, perhaps even from home online. Not unlike the way credit card companies use established metrics to make lending decisions…

Thank you for your understanding, my dear society.

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