Some Great Things, Happening to Me

Subject: Random Rambling Begin>
…I have always believed this: We need to steer society into a direction more suited for humanity’s long-term survival instead of this jersey shore type of tv world and instant gratification of fake everything – fake relationships, fake food, fake entertainment… everything is fake lol ok rant over – but let me also say this is not NECESSARILY a criticism of capitalism or free enterprise. Much of this is a symptom of that and many other factors, and these things take place in nearly any social system… it’s part of human nature. My point is that we should evolve.. self-actualization, it’s called? Anyway yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. And it’s great. But sometimes I need a break to carry out various often overlooked processing and storage/retrieval functions, reassessments, virtualizations/sims (dreams)… the style of writing I love best facilitates these things for me; it is a stream of consciousness and since I type quickly it’s much faster than writing by hand.
I really have always loved drawing, diagrams etc… it’s part of my whole creative nature – even as a child I was making inventions and reading the encyclopedia almost daily, with a strong focus on technology (as opposed to sociology, history, politics, literature, etc.)… Sadly, since the late 90’s and the new millenium, especially after getting my first PDA, then smart phones (so-called.. I say, alleged smart phones lol)… these devices – “data entry” and storage, especially portable ones, are NOT conducive to freestyle (although there are special programs such as CAD (CAD/CAM-based business management software solutions, such as those by Dassault Systemes (I once worked at Dassault Aviation’s U.S. location… before I knew the France-based company had so many other products than airframes or private jet interiors .. which are kind of cool, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE even bigger projects, the more challenging and complex, the better. -anyway point is: since the mass migration to the rigid data-entry systems computers have brought us, i think we’ve also suffered the consequences of that rigidity – again, I hope to change this with some of my novel ideas and projects I’d like to bring to market.
…Even though my selection of PDA’s was ALWAYS with a stylus, because I always like to be able to draw, much like the person who writes out a diagram or business plan on a napkin on the fly – like Arthur C. Clarke??? Anyway, the resolution being low and many other factors – especially the small screen – have made it nearly impossible for such devices to truly reach their ideal potential.
THAT is part of why I am studying programming along with computer networking communications and security – all of them are necessary for me to develop the types of products I’m always inventing. I have grown tired of year after year watching ideas I’ve had long ago… come into the marketplace as (sometimes wildly successful) actual businesses or products. Now I know it’s a LONG road from a simple concept, and even proof of concept or prototype, to a profitable and functional long-term business venture – a VERY long road – and unfortunately I do not have any particular expertise in business or finance, although I spent a few years day trading and investing, it was never anything like what I may require eventually (VC’s).
Now, having reorganized my home office to allow for a seriously broad-bandwidth, commercial-level capacity for some projects I’ve been working on for a long time – some of which I am revisiting after a decades-long hiatus, picking up where I left off, only with a lot more wisdom – and a lot less concern about perfection – take my writing for instance. I just say ‘who cares’ about 20 times a minute while writing even this, pertaining to punctuation (although proper spelling is mandatory – typos are acceptable, lol – anyone who says there is no difference doesn’t know the subject matter) 😉
I have managed to use psychological techniques.. what you might call CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) – but I’m not sure, I’ll have to read up on it to be certain – Without any guidance from anyone, I simply made the decisions in my life to rewire my brain and reward systems – much of it subconscious – and rewriting / repurposing entire parts of my brain that I thought I’d either destroyed or wasted on useless pursuits.
Anyway, I’ve learned from all of the above, including the useless ones – thus, I cannot ever say I wasted my time. What I have now is a level of perspective and a magnitude of awareness I could never have developed otherwise.
—It would be so nice to be part of a think tank… not just online ones, i mean I’m wondering if it’s possible for people to voluntarily use protocols (much like Ethernet or Token ring)… CSMA/CA/CD sucks, because people are always interrupting each other and cannot convey information quickly at all… we tend to speak in “packets” over the soundwaves, but it seems if we don’t/can’t get our point across in under 1 tweet’s worth of voice time – then you won’t be making your point, period.

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  2. I see…

    On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 2:59 PM, wrote:

    > brendontristal posted: “I have always believed this: We need to steer > society into a direction more suited for humanity’s long-term survival > instead of this jersey shore type of tv world and instant gratification of > fake everything – fake relationships, fake food, fake entertain” >


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