Updated Profile – In Progress for 2017

Hey everyone.. I just updated one of my profiles. Let me know what you think, if you are able to read or stare at a backlit screen for as long as it takes to read this (I know; it’s not easy). Here it is…
I enjoy holding prosperous dialogue with intelligent and open-minded people. What to some is an “argument” is to me just a good, friendly debate!
The purpose? Motives? Nothing less than the accomplishment of national and global improvements in quality of life for all! 🙂 Please feel free to join, comment, and even criticize; fire away! 🙂
I don’t claim to have all the answers, or even know whether there is such a thing as perfection on Earth (or you might say, whether there ever COULD be… not least because it’s subjective).
But I do my best to address issues that affect us all… because sadly, very sadly, it is a very poor set of circumstances that, collectively, we Americans – and many others – are handing down to our next generation.
We all care greatly about children – however, I see it all too often happen that when mothers focus so much time and effort on what they think they can do best for their children, they can inadvertently forget, in the process, to do their part to make sure the entire USA and even the entire world we leave to them is not so harsh as to destroy them.
So many parents spoil their children, with no plans for the future and without paying mind to the national and global potential political financial, sociological, economic, and other large-scale disasters….
Our economy, national debt, job security, war – it’s a changing world; we all know that; it’s a shame that so many intelligent people who are aware of this simply choose to “drop out” – I’m not talking about suicide, but the so-called “voluntary human extinction movement” (lol).
Oh and climate change (which is controversial – however, if you could kindly just let me just add the (italics) wanton pollution of our planet’s forests, land, air, and food and water supplies to that list just for the heck of it) – ???
Your thoughts? Mine are something like this: Too many parents would burn up the Earth to raise their kids – and then, when their kids become adults, there is no more Earth! Similar to national debt and war….
I believe in love, not materialism or hedonism. Some may see me as materialistic because of my enthusiasm for technology and the learning and knowledge I gain through such endeavors (which some see as useless-often the same ones who happily make daily use of precisely such technology derived from exactly the works and contributions, be they consumer purchases of goods and services, or donated, or through government and other organizational services to society (to name a few: Roads, prisons, police, prison industry for private profit and slave-wage labor with almost no cost savings passed on to the society of taxpayers who fund the operation and comply with its structure and enforcement (“Hang ’em high!”)…
As such, hypocrites – and I am TRULY not often one to judge others at all – but sometimes pesky things called “facts” come along. Hypocrisy itself runs rampant not only in every social strata, but quite likely also within each and every one of us human beings. Yet we may also say that in many of us, hypocritical behavior and actions are NOT always intentional, but instead are done or carried out without the knowledge or awareness of the perpetrator. These individuals, many of whom are or ultimately become de-facto criminals, according to statistics fall within the low end of the spectrum of education, skills, intelligence, and other measures along those lines.
While it is very easy, even tempting, to point to the failure of schools (almost exclusively the lackadaisical public school system and its insufferable entrenched bureaucracy – like almost all agencies who are “publicly funded” – that is, they are organizations of human beings that, opposite to free-market freedom and principles of meritocracy, and often instead of working to produce a product or an outcome, they are paid not by production but by how well they can pitch the sale to their special interest groups and voting blocs, ostensibly to justify their existence to the taxpayers, but in reality it is comprised of quid pro quo (human nature, again) implied and direct back-room as well as boardroom deals – most of which the financiers of the entire operation –
the TRUE shareholders and ‘business owners’ – stakeholders as well who have children in the school system – most have no idea how any of it works. It’s also easy to say it’s their own fault for not paying attention and researching their political candidates, or how the school system works for instance. But don’t you know, that would literally be a part-time, possibly full-time job?
And GUESS WHAT my friends? Once you reach that level, you ARE entrenched. Such is the present situation of the so-called fourth estate. Journalism and ethics and integrity are now a thing of the past, and the quality of life of ourselves and all of our children –
yes, even if you are very wealthy, if you care about your children’s future at all, it very much matters what kind of world you pass on to them –
The large organizations in government have the main purpose of justifying their existence (and budgets), and often little else. When it comes to agencies such as the DMV, and some (backward and rare, hopefully) police departments that are nothing more than the enforcement arm of a city council whose job is not only to tell people how to live their lives, but also collect well more than a simple tithing’s worth (10 percent… please, no Ben Carson jokes) and have made a mockery of the public image of police throughout the nation – including even the very best officers with the highest integrity (they are the ones who suffer the most when governments “overreach” and become a “kleptocracy” (this is the term John Kerry used, referring to Putin’s Russia) –
however, all public programs that are paid for by taxpayers are literally and factually being funded through the use of, or under threat of, physical violence or force (ie jail time)… This makes for a HUGE and VERY TEMPTING trough of cash, which literally is meant to represent the blood, sweat, tears, and dreams – including broken dreams –
of all working Americans – where the entire system is based on voluntary labor, but if you don’t “labor”, you will not have any fruits of said labor – and if you do perform labor, then it is mandatory that for, say, every 7 hours you work that you get paid for working, you MUST work another 3 hours FOR FREE – and this is the case no matter how talented you are, how much you earn, and so on. For instance, if you earn say $100 an hour, you are contributing (assuming for sake of discussion a flat tax of 30% or about one-third of income – this is without considering sales tax, property tax, business licenses, regulators funds contributions fees, union dues, and on and on – so if one person makes $10 an hour, and another is worth $100 an hour, the $10 an hour person is forced to contribute only $30 for every ten hours worked, while the figure is $300 for the person making $100 per hour.
In a truly fair system of government that would foster love and compassion and all of the ideals most of us genuinely strive for – each person could simply contribute those 3 hours per 10 hour day.. or let’s say, as the workweek is reduced from 40-80 hours a week down to 32 or even 20 or fewer hours per week due almost exclusively to robotics and technology – we really have no choice but to come up with some creative solutions, unless we want to really treat our fellow man like human trash simply because he didn’t “make the cut” and land one of the jobs – this, despite the fact that there will LITERALLY be many more people who want jobs – than there are jobs to fill – even assuming every single person who wants a job is fully capable.
This is unlike corporate welfare programs such as government agencies, prison industries for profit, prison labor industries, the list of pork programs goes on and on it is almost endless – there is no point in naming them all, but it’s a complete waste because much of these are “make-work” type jobs that the workers don’t even enjoy (much like the USSR or communist governments, where the government “selects” what job you get through the public mandatory education system, which is used to mine data and collect personal information in order to find the best person for each particular job, using metrics such as algorithms and spreadsheets and checklists – all of which are often grossly inaccurate and always subject to human error –
and even if they were not, it is tantamount to slavery, or human farming. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos that criticize the relative freedom of the United States – they criticize freedom because some actors have gone against the founding spirit of freedom –
that is, mutual respect and the golden rule, and so on – and instead, ESPECIALLY since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are LEGAL PERSONS… with the same rights and capacities, legally, as genuine, authentic individual human beings – these alien hive-minds of group think and yes-men (in some or many cases) actually obligate the corporation and its members to – and in a true legal sense, the members are OBLIGATED to act in the interests of the corporation, even if it is against the individual’s own moral beliefs or interests. People who think unions are “the answer” to such issues are missing the entire point, which is that, in my opinion anyway (which is subject to change)
I am fairly intelligent, and I pride myself on it and believe I am “smart” because I am always aware that I do not know everything, and I am always open to the possibility of changing my beliefs or perspectives – for example, on war, taxes, government and so on – whereas many/most people simply stick to whatever their favorite political pundits (read: OPINION-MAKERS… and yes, read that one CAREFULLY.. they manufacture your opinion, it is their job, even if they don’t agree with it – again, back to the corporation as a legal person and surrounding law that intrinsically empowers the corporation over the individual – while we do as a whole tend to believe in human rights applying to human beings and not corporations, the truth is we have some very blurred lines, and I strongly believe we will eventually be forced to solve these problems, lest society continue to degenerate to the point of systemic failure, which NOBODY wants, not those at the top or at the bottom; the 1% or the 99% (see Mr. Robot, when Elliot hacks into Evil Corp. and deletes records of ownership and transactions – causing a financial crisis and mass hysteria – I love the part where “Mr. Robot” (that’s what I think of Elliot as – perhaps Mr. Robot was his father though)… Elliot has a sudden revelation or breakthrough while everyone else is partying and reveling at having thwarted the system… and Elliot becomes very upset, and cannot believe he actually WANTED that… “Is THIS what I wanted?” I LOVE that scene.. that whole show… go watch it on Amazon right now lol it is excellent!
When Elliot realizes he’s had tunnel vision (pathological tunnel vision in fact –
he even blocked out memories, worked alongside his own sister – previously known to him and raised together, but Elliot has developed amnesia as well as taken on multiple personalities, living out various fantasies or “alternate” versions of his personality which are portrayed in the TV show through the use of different actors – dont want to spoil it but it’s a VERY creative piece, quite worthy of my praise and respect for many reasons.
Go check it out… “Mr. Robot” and watch how he realizes he bit the hand that feeds him, and that the evil system is the same one that’s kept him in safety and comfort so perfectly that he had no idea what HELL life could be like without it. In fact I recommend anyone who thinks bucking the “system” for its own sake (as opposed to trying to improve upon it) needs a (perhaps government-sponsored) vacation to one of the world’s hellholes of violence and poverty. Talk about scared straight – those prison programs ain’t nothing compared to that, at least if you are a deep-thinking, complex individual.
***<<<<CONTINUE EDIT HERE>>>> *Review/revise above; continue edit below
Okay the rest I was going to write here… was about what happens through indiscriminate taxation – trust me, I know, I was raised by professional educators)- such people are also the first to mock and judge others, either as a hobby or, more likely, a means by which to justify to themselves their inherent shortcomings).. I say this not as a judgment or insult, but as a simple scientific hypothesis/analysis/observation.
Ergo, I do not hate. I believe hate is a disease of the soul or spirit, and can be remedied. However, such individuals, while they CAN be helped – and by that I mean changed and entered into a life of true joy and long term happiness, lower stress, greater strength and ability to handle life’s stress and so on – they can never be coerced into such a conversion. They may be influenced, coaxed, given guidance, and shown examples… but in NO circumstance does force EVER prove effective.
I realize this sounds childish. My ideas and concepts are literally the cumulative work of over 30 years of studies. Put plainly, I study for fun. I learn for fun. And I am a natural contrarian, or at least possess some attributes similar to it. I try my best to get along with others, but I always stand for what I believe in or know to be true, and I never follow the crowd just because. When you follow the crowd and throw away your morals, you end up with Nazi Germany, or school gangs bullying the “nerds”.

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