“Great Food and Good People…” (Raleigh, NC – from a “Northerner’s” Perspective)


“Great Food and Good People…”

Being from NYC/NJ, with some time in country and sourthern regions as well – to include Charlotte – it is my official judgment that Raleigh is in fact pretty awesome.

It’s gotJUST enough of that “big-city” feel – without that atrocious “urban sprawl” and horrendous traffic that (I believe) leads many to suffer various psychological or sleep disturbances, not to mention changing their attitude towards others from “I see friend” to “I see enemy” – In fact, I have many sociological theories, and enjoy playing at philosophy as well – however, none of it is any joke at all. This is REAL, and human suffering and even torture is something we all dislike, but the psychosocial dyamics of it and how our very society is intertwined in suffering – well, as you can see, I try could write a book, as they say.


Back to Raleigh and my opinion hereof… way better (smaller) than Charlotte for instance, and New York – while my heart perhaps will always live and breathe there, I could never do it again, especially given the whole 9-11 fiasco, which was fairly up close and personal to me and family.

As for each file in this playlist – I’m sorry I haven’t gotten into labeling each one – it’s been a lot of work just to sort the files out that I want to even upload at all, then share, name, and on and o.

Hopefully I’ll get around to changing that, if this channel becomes more refined and links to websites relating to my other projects, such as how to teach yourself programming, web didsgj. and so on. 🙂

Point here was, I was in Raleigh for the Citrix employee and friends only fireworks view from the top of one of their garages. I took the opportunity to complete some recon of the area, first using the parking structure for height advantage, and then going down into the town, mingling literally amongst and betwixt (between?) both the natives (and other outsiders/transplants like me) – and the beautiful buildings. — These, I did on foot, and on foot alone, literally jogging/running quite easily through this tiny and pleasant town, all while holding one fairly serious camera (with 0, 1, or 1 + 1 in operation at times, in varying combinations – I’d have liked to show how easy it is to do that, but I’ve been training hard for nearly every day for over a year – and, in fact, the fact that I even bothered to set this hardware up, this webpage up, attend this event, and do anything at all is because I have a totally new mindset and attitude about life, which I gained after an injury and a serious – and seirously nerve-wracking- surgery.

I WAS trying to save battery power, but I still sadly killed BOTH my Sony AVCHD Handycam AND Nikon DSLR 3200 camera batteries, and had brought NO other backup source.

Any remaining shots that night of the BEAUTIFUL fireworks.. which were fairly exceptional, all things considered, and well worthg seeking out (I plan to upload them, vids and stills, to this playlist – hopefully make a collage of the stills, as well as some pretty sick RAW NEF Adobe RGB photos I took with manual operation of the D3200 – still an EXCELLENT entry-level yet well-equipped and quality true DSLR camera by Nikon; a GREAT learner (though to be honest you’re still going to want to be careful with it – as DSLRs go, even cheapo ‘learner’ burner/disposable type units ‘burn’ for around a thousand bucks a pop, especially after you add accessories, so if you are going to try your hand at THE TRUE ART of PHOTOGRAPHY because you’ve had enough of that “point and click” NONSENSE that you KNOW is like eating a cold ‘MRE’ with expired heating element… versus the full art and expression of an expert cultural offering of a dinner party.

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