In Australia, Medicare funds and big data found for sale on the “dark net” – How Pleasant.

Ah, this is it! I just happen to be working my way through my somewhat boring, annoying day without an exceptional event to (hopefully in a good way) stimulate my senses… (Not necessarily a bad thing though, right? I mean it’s just not efficient to be “amped up” every waking hour (that is, “overstimulated”)… Even in simple terms of energy consumption and production alone (glucose so on, you know?)… I’ll be the first to admit it, lol, most of our biological systems are NOT optimized for continuous stimulation –

Anyway so there I was having a very restful, rather lethargic (read: boring) day, and then I stumbled my way right into THIS mother-lodestone!!! Talk about having that shot of espresso far too late in your day!!! And this was totally unintentional.
Theories and hypothesis – to me they are almost worthless, if only purely on the basis sheer economics of supply and demand. I have an *endless* supply of (admittedly, often very, very intriguing theories… but without a conversational partner who is both comfortable and confident as eiother a collborative (theory-pondering type of peaceful conversation) – or a hypercompetitive, extreme intellectual sport the equivalent of mental jousting (I only mention this at all because I have had MANY people tell me – or have heard from mutual friends ater on – about how “intimidatingly intelligent” I can be.. or that I am “too smart” for them (as though we live in a caste or class system where in some way, 1. people are CLASSified and CLIQUED into groups and crews – just like in computer networking, using routers to “divide and conquer” – such is psychological warfare, lol…. and 2. Having established this “classful society” (much like bees, ants, or the human caste system, or even the claims made about a society through the use of “memes” and “clickbait” nonsense, like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders or any one of a seemingly unlimited quantity of talking heads who, specifically, produce nothing useful themselves to help their fellow man and woman EXCEPT to (and I mean this literally) use “science” (the real kind) to SCIENTIFICALLY MANAGE their political campaigns.

The ONE thing that ALL (including “competing”) “political campaigns” SHARE is, believe it not (shocker!!!) they serve the sole and fundamental purpose of FORMING and GROWING the POLITICAL CAPITAL of the “head honcho” – whoever that may be.

Even in modern America, surprisingly enough, it may even be a family DYNASTY, as we almost witnessed yet again with our last Presidential election. But put America’s uniquely American situation aside for just a moment: What’s happened to politics all around the world fairly recently (but increasingly over the past few decades)?

1. They’ve gone GLOBAL – quite literally (unfortunately without a prerequisite comprehension of much logic, globgaglobalo party orh=the pareNews like this are to me the very esssenhse of an adrenaline-boosting sti
2. They’ve made major strategic operational changes at the foundation of their very cores of being… all while simply letting us all believe nothing has changed and it’s “business as usual” (in general).

What I have noticed is a MASSIVE diversion and distinction between the WORDS and the ACTIONS of these “politicians” – We have seen not only the fantastic RISE but even the very BIRTH of the so-called “career politician” – the very idea of such a thing would have seemed to be a complete joke not long ago. But now, everyone knows INSTINCTIVELY as if it were encoded directly onto our very DNA prior even to our CONCEPTION taking place: You’ll be best if you stick with the Government. Get a Government job, become a soldier, police, fire, clerk, doesn’t matter what, really; most of the jobs provide paid training, paid vacations, paid insurance of ALL kinds, and even LIFELONG pensions after as little as 20 years.

Lately that’s begun to change, that perception of it being the most wonderful and patriotic thing you can do, to go be a cop or a public teacher or basically ANY job, including meter maid, that falls in any way under the giant umbrella of the parent employer, be it the IRS, DEA, FBI, DOD, or CCA, or any of the VAST cottage industries and cute little towns that spring up all around rural areas full of people who were not ‘uneducated” so to speak – at least not technically, really. More like, these rural towns had such low IQ’s simply because they didn’t have any humans in them WHATSOEVER, at least not offfically, with addresses and all! Not a joke; I am 100% serious! A federal prison is built out literally in the dead-center middle of NO where… and every single trucked-in and hauled-in piece of gravel, steel, brick, and copper – whatever have you – was paid for by all of YOU, the working class. If you knew the way things really worked, would you HONESTLY support such a wonderful plan? Creating entire cities, much like army basis (surely using the same experience and contractors – Walmart being one retail store of such a large size that I am willing to write DECLARATIVELY that it would be LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for such a business to even EXIST without first having proper channels and direct inside information – as a necessary compnent of COOPERATION. Unfortunately, as many of us know about now, sometimes when growth happens too quickly it is poorly executed, and especially when the outcome is literally the destruction of vast swaths of once BEAUTIFUL, all-American towns, that have been sentenced to DEATH with no separate judge, jury, and executioner. Welcome to United USA (United States of America) d/b/a (doing-business-as) what the so-called “anarchists” or extremists refer to as the “big evil corporations”. Not to cite Netflix and Orange is the New Black YET AGAIN, but that show loves to tickle its audience with some of the ideas I’m going even here, only going into at a topical, surface level!!! I hope you believe me when I tell you that a show that merely makes a passing mention of something like this but without accurately formatting and addressing any pertienent information, well, I am DEFINITELY no expert in cinema and play or novel-writing.. screenplay and so on – in fact it may just well be my LEAST skill – i.e., that with a value of ZERO. But even I have come to realize that since the advent of CPC (cost per click) advertising, Nielsen ratings, and all of the other whole host of important metrics that are used by all industries as a way to simply keep their production lines open and processing; up and running so to speak – it is as if we are at the cusp of a new dawn of sciological control. The recent riots relating to rights and police shootings may be just the birth pants of a new nation – and I know you know hear them, too.

The true substantive question to ponder here is always this… When you decide to to step up and be a tough guy, be careful. Watch out. Because (we’re not really sure whether his memory and other issues are cause or causation of the whole dynamic there betweeen his father, himself, his sister, regret, and the loss of his mother to a “large, faceless company” (allegedly his father was killed by industrial toxins or environmental pollution that “higher-ups” in the resonsible company (known as “E Corp.” – and, yes, also as Evil Corp. – through some fast-paced cut scenes and forceful (I don’t mean this in a bad way… forceful acting where the actors are forced by the situation to play the hand they often don’t like, and it’s also pleasantly surprising how blunt and almost lawsuit-inviting some of the very ideas mentioned on the show are…

Anyway I’ll give some of it away – I have no choice… “F. Society” at Coney Island was originally an arcade shop on the boardwalk owned I believe by the lead character’s father before his death – it isn’t until much later that we learn the true origin of the word phrase, “F. society”, to which we are first introduced during Elliot’s therapist session.

I’m not certain, but I believe it was for “genius” hacking crimes (gaining administrative remote control of a local or school library’s customer database… I’m not sure what made him want to do that, but I believe it wasn’t an intentional act of sabotage, but instead an act of mere curiosity and exploration rather than crime or abuse or exploitation – in fact, it is this realistically human inner duality of personality always at play in Elliot’s character, as he faces down all of these *quite bizarre* – yet well-enough acted-out/played out scenes (as they take place across beautiful historical and classic landmarks in New York City, a place where I happen to have been born, and raised across the Hudson in Jersey)… and

I believe that due to the fact that he’d been a minor, no priors, white privilege, etc. he had been sentenced to years of professional psychiatric or therapeutic monitoring (perhaps with intentionally both purposes – to help him avoid further trouble in life, and to keep an eye on him (in the form of checkboxes and social engineering and maniupation which you can almost revel in as it takes place between these masters in some scenes)

You see, after the stint with the libarary client database, he somehow— and somewhy — I believe it had something to do with his father’s failing computer business but I’m not sure; I am not good at paying attention to more than one to two hours of a show at a time, and with really superb ones like this and some others, I give in and binge watch, even tho it’s clearly not the way to get the most out of the production… Anyway, later on he had apparently decided to go and play big bad Mr. Robot – “bad” doesn’t really fit if you are the type of person who thinks of Robin Hood as “the good guy” (protagonist) – an anti-corporate, anti-Wall Street 20-something “ethical hacker” – actually, “Mr. Robot” is the name of the television series, and it can be found on Amaon Prime, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Anyway, Mr. Robot uses his “magical hacking powers” (my language not theirs, lol) to do his little random acts of kindness – because his big heist turns out to be cracking into the IP and financial records databases of the companies that hold the deeds to much if not most of the propery of seeminly the entire country – people’s homes, their bank accounts, their cars, even their incomes – currency itself is directly assaulted in this often exceptionally prescient film

Of course, it’s a VERY intellectually stimulating show, and if you at all now or have ever considered yourself to be in any way a nerd or a geek (in a good way, or course! 🙂 …. then I have to do you this favor and insist that you watch it. Oh it has really cool music too. You just might even love me for introducing you to it… lol.

So, again, while I do not want to give away too much even of the plot devices because even some of those alone are a whammy… I really hope you check it out, I can’t imagine that if you are reading THIS, you would NOT LOVE “Mr. Robot” after the first or 2nd episode.

Now please just forgive me this entire tangent going off about Mr. Robot and finish up the rest of this post (now approaching “book” status, in the eyes of some – or even most – but even most Americans read at a 7th grade reading level; hell, even I can do that, though. Back to how I feel the bern:

….THIS is exctly why i LOVE government programs, exorbitant taxes, and big, large, 100% FREE OF ALL ACCOUNTABITILITY to ANYONE (Such as Congress, or the President, or any President) – You think a PRIVATE CEO is evil, well that is a joke because your mindless theories of “public accountability” or “accountabillity to the people” is BEYOND DELIRIUM it is WILFUL IGNORANCE OF the FACTS right in your FACE, and WHY? Simply because it HURTS TOO MUCH to THINK about the harsh realities. (Boo-hoo. Let’s all pretend everything is wonderful, instead, all the while letting all the BLOOD SACRIFICED by our forebears in HISTORY go to absolute WASTE – it is THE most GRAND GESTURE OF DISRESPECT ANYONE CAN EVEN ATTEMPT. Makes spitting in someone’s face (literally) (as on stage, etc. in a public forum) seem like a FRIENDLY HANDSHAKE.

People want to believe that with a gigant IRS, and a giant Medicare, and Welfare system, there will MAYBE be A LITTLE “waste” and perhaps slight “overspending”… but overall, it’s really perfectly OK and in fact it’s MORALLY SUPERIOR to “skim off the top” when you are a political operator who “helps the poor” by robbing the STRUGGLING WORKING CLASS under threat of ARREST, JAIL, AND BEING SHOT – ironically, arrests and shootings etc. BEING DONE BY THE SAME BEING USED as dupes in this system of transparent lies, published facts and 100%-OR-FAIRLY BIASED reporting….

NO NO NO nothing could ever go wrong to go down that road… the same road that has AGAIN AND AGAIN murdered (NOT in war but LITERALLY IN COLD BLOODED MURDER…. think GAS CHAMBERS for mass executions … and a HUGE part of it is SLAVE LABOR.

Netflix gets really flirty with the so-called “prison-industrial complex” – that is, by having perhaps one minor character mention it perhaps one time.

Imagine if suddenly people could somehow open their minds and take off their horse blinders, and see what acts they are actually perpetuating on their own brothers and sisters, neighbors, and fellow citizens? Yes, even the oxymoronic “global citizens”…many of whom, I believe, have the most RESTRICTIVE and POWERFUL design or type of “blinders” on… Wealth and Power are IN AND OF THEMSELVES ALONE mercilessly powerful agents of blind evil, POTENTIALLY.

IF WE CARE ABOUT OUR POOR NEIGHBORS, AND OUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN – INDEED, IF WE CARE ABOUT OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH AS WELL AS TO THE SOUTH – AND NOT JUST THOSE ACROSS THE GLOBE – THEN WE MUST ORGANIZE AN ENTIRELY NEW “THINK TANK” THAT THROWS AWAY ALL THE OLD INSTILLED IDEAS COMPLETELY (other than keeping them around as POINTS OF REFERENCE and REMINDERS of where we can, do, and so far, ALWAYS HAVE gone wrong in our inherent human nature wanting to do good, but which has ALWAYS become corrupt as if it were set to a subatomic clock based SCHEDULE – the fall of empires, for one point of reference.

It IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to OUR VERY SOCIETY AND PLACE IN TIME, RIGHT NOW, as it has been for several years – particularly since (and due to) the so-called “aftermath of 9/11” (euphemism of all euphemisms ever penned by mankind!)…. It’s no

SOME OF THE WORST, MOST HORRIFYING DISASTERS – from NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS (CHERNOBYL) (HOROSHIMA) (NAGASAKI)…TO THE MOST MUNDANE PASSENGER JUMBO JET OR TRANSIT RAIL COLLISIONS…to borrow from National Geographic ‘s “Seconds from Disaster” – “Accidents do’nt just happen… they are a chain reactin of smaller, even nearly inconsequential events… from a “fault” (something like a dashboard warning – “Brake Pressure Warning” just to make something up that most people can understand – it comes on only once in a while, and perhaps only during specific (ie TRIGGER events) – and it is so often that these large, impressively complex marvels of engineering – even while built with EXTRA REDUNDANCY that sometimes is so excessive (and sometimes IS so excessive – for example, when a particular safety feature’s installation is IMPROPERLY JUSTIFIED – Let alone such nonsense (I apologize for introducing the use of such language as this here, but I am doing it only to save words and hopefully WAKE UP an audience that’s perhaps long ago fallen asleep-
not only at a lecture or during reading one of my many “danger warnings”I seem to have been put on this Earth to produce ~ it’s ironic, because I havea love of almost all things dangerous; to me it is FUN and EXCITING to be PRODUCTIVE in a novel and POWERful way – NO DIFFERENTLY than it is for younger men and, especially, human children (boys especially), as they take their first steps (perhaps playing at war – it is a remarkably persistent phase of adolescence, across time and culture —

— wait, what was that? Do I hear you expecting me to, with *strong* and HEAVY emphasis, QUALIFY that INHERENTLY HUMAN – not nearly just abonus feature of eloquent convenience – or NOT even, perhaps, a simple gift of pleasure and beauty given to us by either ‘some great Architect’, or even failing that, just a rigid mathematical equation – geometry, electrical charges, subatomic building-blocks, blankets of frequences overlapping and modulating and cascading; electrical energy given to us in a special format of TIME that we call PHYSICAL EXISTENCE …

Could it be, I will dare to postulate, that the masculine and feminine are not mere CONSEQUENTIAL (ie, randomly mutational – no different in their sources and methods of “birth” (that is, ORIGIN) … Surely they can only be, just as everything in all of creation absolutely MUST, be DE FACTO randomoffshoots of “chemical” LOVE – Love meets “Science”? Ah, it cannot be! For one or the other MUST be the IMPOSTOR.

🙂 “NAY!”, I will even say (inside joke, sorry!) –
but, “Nay, I say!

(Do you like Sarcasm? Here’s an overdose~ 🙂

SARCASM, ah yes… That often playful and witty rendering and reprocessing of – well, almost anything, really – organizational structures, protocols, language, even innate nerve functions (speaking, singing, even HAND writing: “I was *only being SARCASTIC! I just trying to cheer you up with a JOKE or HUMOR – not *trigger* you off into a melodramatic reliving in your mind of some old sad time – see, that’s the trouble with sarcasm; and humor too – or even love, art, and language.

ALL of it – and ALL of US – can, to SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, be taken OFFENSIVELY. And I am not being funny here (nor, in fact, trying to… ha, ha – now that is something on “so many levels”, but there’s no time to count them now.
For just as it is the case for most of life itself ) – my point is simply that you an re-rendering and mixing of logic – you know, that almost exclusively human characteristic HUMOR -perhaps a sub-type or even partner to the very topic we have here at hand itself; LOVE! Surely itcould not even be that something so INTUITIVE and INSTINCTUAL could POSSIBLY be just that.

It simply cannot be POSSIBLE that everything is the way it is – particularly the way things both literally and figuratively EXIST: Love, for example, can indeed be reduced by our ittle lajuaf

trans-cultural, trans-dimensional “persistence” – that is to say, the nasty or evil evil, hypercompetitive in-born SURVIVAL SUBROUTINE, an entire operating-system transmogrification beginning with “adolescence” (perhaps the logical, first – and then the PHYSICAL changes, occurring subsequently – these “masculine” and “feminine” modifications that are so obvious and take place seem to have their very own elegant design, as exquisite and perplexing as the very strands of DNA molecules microcomponents must begin to change and build thadd “with the exception of THIS current

possibilities for lobbyists who work and toil for a living using FEAR as one of their major tolst just, as things stand now, a slightly real possibility. Oh no! Don’t you believe that for even a moment! PURE EVIL can and WILL IN FACT take over ANY country, and it will happen in th e world as a whole itself, mark my words…

When so called ‘liberals’ – the type who pride themselves in getting along with everybody – realize they’ve literally set the entire planet up for the worst atrocities mankind has ever imagined or witnessed throughout all of ancient and modern history

In fact, it will make medieval torture devices and guillotiens appear extremelly mild, even friendly and generous, within the context of the new and comiong global regime

I can NEVER understand how otherwise extremely intelligent people do not get this… but, we are all humans.

case in point: i have literally been writing non-stop for many, many hours, without so much as standing up… and it’s now almost 12:30 after midnight. About to hit send and off it goes into nowhere-land… All of this is just practice, until hopefully soon I am ready for “prime time” and create a real blog, or do real writing….

-BT July 5, 2017​

Here is the link, for what little good it may do to back up my rantings.  It’s really more like I’m showing to you how my brain’s OS actually operates, gets *triggered* and remains stimulated and exceptionally persistent, somtimes not only until all avenues of a thought process have been exhausted, but sometimes even  until I am stuck in a loop.  Perhaps it could have been just one too many party drugs back in the old days…. who can say for sure?  (Any testing would utterly lack scientific agency and discipline, not to mention serve as an absolute exemplar in terms of displaying straight-up moral failure and disgust.)

(It just occurred to me that my blogs and even myself as a person should come with a warning label.. something along the lines of those McDonalds’ “Warning! Coffee IS HOT! labels.. People need to understand what they’re dealing with because if they approach me expecting an ordinary human being they are only sure to leave the experience shocked – either in an uplifting and delicious way, or a confusing and perpelexing way that can lead to both parties having to face some serious shit they may not have ever otherwise wanted to face at all.  🙂

As promised here is the link for my “trigger”…

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