Bitcoin and Headaches

I don’t know if it’s Electrum’s fault or the facilitator’s fault… or a third party’s fault.But I know for a fact, and it happened to a friend of mine, and i also read about the same t hing happening elsewhere on this deep-underground, CIA-sponsored (most likely justified by the collection of information) site, where something goes buggy in the code right smack in the middle of the actual financial transaction, making it null and void – and furthermore, causing [the user] to have to come up with 100% of that money all over again to begin with, from scratch.

It would be a great way to bankrupt our enemies, and also a great way to subtly tax our OWN citizenry and brothers-in-arms for simply enjoying their lives (and this, Dear Manhattan/NYC/Tri-State Area, is the very essense of why you will NEVER have me back, lest it be by absolute force – in which case, you will most certainly find me to be extremely disagreeable to the point of being too useless to even toss into an incinerator. Too much paper trail, etc. etc. 😉

Some suggestions I would make would be to pay in part and parcel, rather than all at once, though this is my first experience with this particular site, so I cannot afford to go in all gung-ho about it. Not to mention, it is entirely possible that II may be confused about this.

========= ============ ========

I WAS able to get it fixed through my incessant yet ofen life-saving troubleshooting and tweaking techniques (and persistence, damn it! ) but if this is a bug, and not a user error – (even if it is a user error, it’s an atrocious one; it causes untold harm to users! And all of that is to say absolutely nothing of the horrible taste left in one’s mouth, for a substantial period with emotinal aftershocks to boot… after this has occurred to them.

I fully understand… that nothing is perfect, especially in war. And so, a site like this, directed, edited, and so on, by MYSELF – that is to say, someone who operates completely voluntarily without regard for money or personal gain… scares the pants off of a LOT of powerful people.

So, my proposal is that some of the more “tech-savvy” of us create a forum or board (GitHub-style, baby!) so that we can approach these matters like true scientists.

I hope that in this way, a good attitude of kindness and love, and, yes I’ll dare say it, Ubuntu (in case you don’t know it, that’s a triple-entendre, if not a quadruple-entendre, with its origins in what compared to today’s word, can spread throughout the community with PANIC-INDUCING speed… because regardless of what shrinks say or gov’t officials say – they are nothing but public menaces in truth, because all they are doing is actiing exceedingly selfishly to further their own interests, careers, money for vacations and the kids (and for some, a few “girls on the side” to make their wives and daughters proud).

If we are serious about world peace…. and about we, the human race – at some point, derived from outer space – coming together as a PLANETARY UNIT (yes; fear not: I confess; I have substituted, verbally, from–ah, yes, the good old “family unit”) then we need to seriously fucking get our shit together; WORK TOGETHER, stop DESTROYING each oher and gta and stop this FUCKING bickering, criticizing, putting each other down for brownie points,.. and instead, seriously GROW THE FUCK UP, MAN. (emphasis added).

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I am always here, (that’s a relatively “loose” ‘always’ – to be sure – but these joint ventures and their perhaps infinitely intertwined works of truly heavenly works of direct inspiration come from the shell, if you will; .. the very kernel of the entire universe itself.

=============== {context} =KERNEL===========

<?> What is a Kernel in this context? I ‘borrowed” from a google entry, just in case you’re too lazy to do it yourself;

====================== KERNEL =============

“Kernel (computer science)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shows the job of a kernel in a computer
A kernel is the central part of an operating system. It manages the tasks of the computer and the hardware – most notably memory and CPU time.

There are two types of kernels:

A microkernel, which only contains basic functionality;
A monolithic kernel, which contains many drivers.
A computer user never interacts directly with the kernel. It runs behind the scenes and cannot be seen, except for the text logs that it prints.

Role of the kernel[change | change source]
The kernel is the most fundamental part of an operating system. It can be thought of as the program which controls all other programs on the computer. When the computer starts, it goes through some initialization (booting) function, such as checking memory. It is responsible for assigning and unassigning memory space which allows software to run.

It provides services so programs can request the use of the network card, the disk or other piece of hardware (the kernel forwards the request to special programs called device drivers which control the hardware), manages the file system and sets interrupts for the CPU to enable multitasking. Many kernels are also responsible for ensuring that faulty programs do not interfere with the operation of others, by denying access to memory that has not been allocated to them and restricting the amount of CPU time they can consume.

Micro kernels and monolithic kernels[change | change source]
Operating systems commonly use monolithic kernels. In Linux, for example, device drivers are often made to be part of a kernel (specifically Loadable Kernel Modules). When a device is needed, its extension is loaded and ‘joined’ onto the kernel – in other words making the kernel larger. Monolithic kernels can make trouble when one of these drivers is faulty (such as if a beta graphics driver is downloaded). Because it is part of the kernel it often overrides the mechanisms that deal with faulty programs (see above). This can mean that the kernel – and thus the entire computer – can cease to function. If there are too many devices, the kernel can also run out of memory – causing a system crash or making the computer very slow.

Microkernels are a way of solving this problem. In a microkernel operating system, the kernel deals only with critical activities – such as controlling the memory and CPU – and nothing else. Drivers and other functions that monolithic kernels would normally do within the kernel are moved outside the kernel, where they are under control. Instead of being an uncontrollable part of the kernel the beta driver is therefore no more unlikely to cause a crash than a beta web browser – that is, if a driver goes wrong it can simply be restarted by the kernel. Unfortunately, creating microkernel based operating systems is very difficult and there are no operating systems like these that are commonly used. Minix is a microkernel operating system.”

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