<<<…..a PHOTO of a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino PLC io board, several desks full of mostly old technology, nothing worht stealijg because it’s either way too specialized, or it’s a custom  project of mine that I’m inventing, or it’s a Raspberry Pi in this case, which is EXTREMELY cheap, yet can run an HD media server and Apache2.  Its hard drive is.. well, let me just stop here and edit it later.. i’ve got oher stuff to do before it slips my mind….>>>>


It’s a photograph of my newly redesigned, customized and continually evolving new office workspace.  I am on a rolling chair that reclines and all that, and I’m SURROUNDED in a horseshoe style “horse cubicle”… so that I can operate multiple servers and clients/hosts, without having to alwys use KVM switches – i look at and s tudy and read from one screen, and expand the HDMI AND SVGA outputs so I run with 2 monitors on one computer, another server has its own mostly, but one in the center can serve as the LEFT one of the main Widows server, AND/OR it can also serve as the RIGHT screen of he server to my left. The hardware itself (other than monitors) is simply placed on top of things like old beach coolers or empty large tupperware that I’m not using anymore – it’s nothing fancy, but it keeps them up off the carpet away from the dust, and at least for the time being (at my age) I can still ge on my knees and have little LED flashlights all aroun, so that I can really quite easily change the wiring configurations, add hardware, attach/remove drives….

Honestly it’s like the ulitmate setup.  i’ve worked for SEVERAL Fortune 500 companies, and the setups they had ddin’t even compare to this.   I don’t even want to post photos here of my workspace, because i t LOOKS messy, but it is jnot cluttered – i’m using all the space!


I’m creating a Maser index system for 3 ring binders to contain specific project reference data, usig encryption of various types, and also developing a protocol as to the use of sticky notes( the physical  post it ones) and rules governing the use and PLACEMENT of all other writing material such as “other than 3 ring binders” – things like legal pads, clipboards, and smaller-than-8.5×11″ optoins such as smalle spiralbound notebooks…. I could relly go with one that is the same size  the “small” 3 ring binders, to be honest, I don’t think I have any; i don’t even know if they’re common… This way, when it comes time to tear out from the “notebook” istead of having to do DATA ENTRY or re-write entries into either computer or a full siee 3 ring binder, I can SIMPLY TEAR IT OFF THE S PIRAL binding, and with the right performation in place, the result would be a perfectly workable  entry that can be easily placed in EXACTLY the right position and location in my filing s ystem..


In fact, some                binders or papers or combos can accept small size 3 ring AND full size… I forget how they di d it, perhraps they used 4 ring binders and the bottom 3, or 3 ring standard and then a setup for the lower TWO rings to serve the ‘small’ ones. Not sure if those are durable enough…

I also have to be very careful about using those page protectors.   Sadly, you can’t write on them once you put them iside…. I believe some are created in such a way that you can “unfold” them to revel the paper, but those tend to fall paart quickly….. ((OK NOTE:=EDIT: ALL OF THE ABOVE TEXT I JUST SPAT OUT WAS JUST RANDOM BRAIN RAMBLING, BRAMBLING… LOL.. IT DID NOT BELONG HERE.  SO I’M GOING TO CUT AND PASTE IT TO, WELL, SOMEWHERE ELSE (in the voice of Idiocracy’s main character, Luke Wilson’s lawyer, who is asked by the police (eeveryone is dumb as heck in the future, if you ahven’t seen the movie, an army experiment to cryo-preserve human soldiers at the peak of their performance (say age 20 to 25)… and then the army would simply store in these “coffins” its best and brightest soldiers, instally able to be called bak to life for battle engagements at a moment’s notice, whether that should be next week or 500 years onward, theoretically.

A very absurd but yet also very hilarious sort of premise for the movie, which was written by the guy i t hink who made Beavis and Butthead or King of the Hill…Anyway that’s not the main story or movie, it’s just a plot device and a setup for some REALLY funny scenes.  When I first saw it, I was on the phone with a female friend of mine, just chatting about stuff and flipping thru tv channels etc… she watched shows like “Manswers” and a lot of funny stuff I had never even  known existed.  That’s how I found out about the film, IDIOCRACY… starring Luke Wilson (brother of Owen Wilson).

The only reason I wrote all that out here, is this:  I was on the phone with this girl/friend of mine, just socializing really, and watcdhing random stuff on tv (we ust have just enjoyeed our vocal company/virtual presence/host to host connection was very good between us, she was a very smart girl… i don’t mean smart like with science and technology and math, but i mean smart in th ways I’m NOT SMART.

I’ve been called my some, “the dumbest genius they’ve ever met”  – in a friendly way , of course, not to be mean…I mean, we were laughing about it.  Because it’s true… I am HIGHLY initelligent but I also have an absolute, indisputable DEARTH of certain “common sense” – much of that is probably because the parts of my brain – memory regions that in most people are set/allocated to handle a lot of rapid, dynamic SOCIALIZING functions… well, my theory is that my brain is wired COMPLETELY differently than most people, although I don’t think I”m “smarter” than others PER SE… instead I have unique and special abilities.

BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS:  IDEFINITELY PAY THE PRICE FOR IT.  My dynamic social skillset is just OBLITERATED by my so called “intelligence” mixed with my strong sense of right and wrong, and morality, and how to treat people (I”im the Golden Rule’s #1 FAN!!!)

And despite all of that, I find myself unintentonally offending people… lespeically if it’s someone I’m just getting to know, like a new friend, who I’ve known maybe a week… the fact is, when your brain works like mine and is always, ALWAYS hacking away and digging and processing data from so many angles, it’s goig to be INEVITABLE that I do one of the following:


  1. Make a joke that is COMPLETLEY misinterpreted by the other person or audience – if i’m LUCKY they will just think,”ohhhhhKAYYY then!” and get up and walk away,  because they thought I had said something completely different and often opposite of what I said.  Closest thing I can compare it to is like if you ever try to discusss taboo issues like racism… or war.. or torturing… or abortions.. whatever it is, politics, religion, phisilophy..  the t hird rail, they call it, if you touch it or go there, you’re dead (comes from the metropolitan subway/public transit system, where the design for getting motive force into the vehicle (electrically, since they are often underground, and even WITH very loud, and expensive ventilatosrs, that much “indoor pollution” (trains running basicaly underground and indoors).. it CAN be done but the ventilation units necessary are a BEHEMOTH and in some cases, the actual architecture and geography MIGHT NOT EVEN PERMIT IT at all!

    For those reasons and may more, electrical power replaced the underground cable system (San Francisco?) (Wonder if those cable trolleys still use the cable undergriound.. what an amazign thing, the audacity of humanity sometimes is AMAZING, to t hin thatsuch a complicated network of heavy moving parts – given the latest technology of the time period those days – I mean, the whole “steam underground” power band in New York and other cities is another truly imipressive and fascnating occurrence/outcome. WE humans, iwhether you think of us as having been designed, or as animals – doen’st matter,  eitiher way you look at it we humans are PRITTY FRICKIN’ CRAZY, or at LEAST just a little nuts…  I mean if we had only the technology that was around back then, we would ABSOLUTELY NEVER get huge projects like that done.  Sometimes it really feels like te human race is in a sort of ebb and flow, right now it’s going through massive changes politically and socially, all the while data science is “quietly” advancing with Ai and REAL ROBOTS that most people think are only movie props…  It’s amazing how much peole don’t know….

    So, it’s fascinating and curious, as I really analyze where this is all going.  NOTHING, just about, fascinates me more than this entire human dynamic – our survival, our behavior, our ‘groupthink’ – our vulnerabilities to hacking (social contrlprograms — a lot of people who are presently almost exact duplicate operating systems (in their brains and behavior… their culture, their education, their personality – not their own unique individual experieinces – although, unique expeirences are becoming MORE AND MORE RARE – It’s a decent theory for me to just propose the idea right here and now that this factor could be a large cause of th eincreasing suicide, depression, and drug abuse rates – the latest statistics are frightening in one way, but to me it’s not frightening; I mean come on… I thought we were all little kids when we learned like exactly how many people are KILLED or DIE in even car accidents EVERY YEAR…….  in just one state or country alone… nevermind around theworld. It’s interesting to me how easily people drop their jaws to the floor and are so easily manipulated by a trend or fad campagin… somtiems they are grassroots campaigns, other tims they are orchestrated indoctrination – regardless, we in America and most of us humans around the world may as well be wearing the big tattoo on our foreheads – nothing too VULGAR, LOL, but how about this, from that song; “with the shape of an L on her forehead” (L being for Loser) – I’M NOT SAYING WE ARE LOSERS though.  That was just an example of THE IDEA OF  TATTOO OR STAMP ON OUR FOREHADS, only i’m not saying ours should say Loser, not at all )(but I guarantee you that A LOT of people would get VERY ANGRY for me having said that, if they do not k now me.. because they either hadn’t really been following or listening or paying attention to what I’m saying, perhaps they’re unable to, unaccustomed to complex thoughts behind punching buttons on a screen and an oven, cooking, or filing out invoices….

    Our lives are now SO simplified and our needs are almost all taken care of – at least physical ones – that we no longer have as a common core of the human race, the so called “nuclear family” – I KNOW what nuclear means, but a lot of people don’t, and just imagine, I BET YOU there are actually kids and adults too out there who hear “nuclear family” and subsconsciously think “nuclear option” or “harmful” or “worst case scenario” – depending on their individual level of personal research that they do, their information sources’ DIVERSITY (in other wrods, are they 100% FULLY AND COMPLETELY “EDUCATED” by the Public System – that is, by Hollywood, and by Public School, and University?

    Or do they actively seek out communication with REAL peole, REAL friends, friends of family, and so on,?  Sadly, the TRUE FAMILY is dying, and it is also going  hand in hand with a declining human reproduction rate.  I casually suggest that this simply nature’s way of piopulation control – and that everything is fine, we do not need to kill off our fellow human beings “down to 500,000 in perpetual symbiotic harmony with nature” or whatever those Georgia’s Guidestones things say.. I should probably insert a pic of them or a link to them here.  If I forget, PLEASE remind me to do it, or in the comments below, if you’d like to contribute to this whole little page I just spun out like a spiderwebmaster LOL i just made that up… all the webs are connected, if you tug on one, you’re tugging on all of them….

    HELP ME AND I WILL HELP YOU, We can work together – I alredy have a few close friends I can converse with but please, don’t be scared or intimidated; don’t feel like you are an intellectual inferior, that you don’t understand any of this ‘shit’ i’m saying, and on and on with excuses (i love th e list of excuses that this Navy Seals workout/training manual lists…. (italso talks about the Art of War)..  That book I got for training physically (I also train my mind…. body and mind must work together; it’s ESSENTIAL…  our bodies rely on our mental health in order to function (including tio live – there are very rare, but  PROVEN cases of DEPRESSION ALONEO being the CAUSE OF DEATH – can you IMAGINE being so depressed that you do’nt even COMMIT SUICIDE, YOU JUST DIE?  Whether you believe there is a God or not, you have to admit, that is a MERCY.  Much of nature is “red in tooth and claw” and full of pain and trickery  – necessary for life to continue – Do you have a little kitty cat? I used to ( 😦 ) He had the BEST personality of any cat i’ve ever met… I’m sure everyone says that about their OWN cats, but even other cat lovers and cat owners would ALWAYS remark on his qualitites and his behavior.  For example, the wy he had such consideration, even with such a tiny little brain, he had somehow learned that as a kitten, his needle-sharp claws were guaranteed to draw blood – because he was so young and brand new as a kitten, it was as if EVERY SINGLE ALLELLE and bit of DNA reaction material was so sharp and in MINT CONDITION.. after all, a kitten HAS almost literally just been minted – Our cat was created in 1998, and died in 2013 in such a sad way that I can still cry if I actually force my brain to think about him and how much of our lives we had shared together – of course, duh, we did not have any deep conversations; we NEVER ONCE talked about politics or anything overly complicated…But we did have frequent and definitely meaningul exchanges of information – they say some anaimals cna even do math, who knows; it might b just a trick- I’m not interested i tricks and phony stuff, even if it IS cute.

    WhatI am much more interested in is something, say, like how such different s pecies —can communicate with each ohter, AT ALL.  And also even just ponder the very MEANING of that fact alone.. Then you get into the more popular “pop culture” type of ideas – stuff that’s being shoved into our faces through the mass media – even allegedly competing networks (who, despite being competitors, have NO problem with their “revolving door” policy – I’ve seen SO many Fox, CNN, CNBC, msnbc hosts rotate from being the “main voice” of an entire massive network such as ABCD, or “like we could give two FOX” (I used to be an avid watcher of Television News, in fact I literally paid A LOT extra just to get Fox Businss Network to listen to the likes of Neil Cavuto and friends’ analayses and thoughts on th latest activity in the general public markets – generally I focus on technology, but also industrial commodities, PM’s (precious metals), cryptocurrencies (now isnt THAT fascinating? Especialy the way it’s portrayed in the Amazon Prime (<-similar to Netflix) production called “Mr. Robot”>

    Here I am mentioning that show again.  I’m not even really sure if it reallhy was that good a show, or if I just liked the way it presented some VERY conroversial and popualr public ideas – They obviously had to tread VERy carefully in how they presented it –  I’m not a conpiracy theorist, but as a matter of FACT any writer or producer worth anything understands that he or she, if they have a large audience, especially .. MOST ESPECIALLY (!!) if that audience is not only large in terms of sheer numbers or viewership, but FANBASE… in other words, those celebrities who are not “just eye candy” I(although, granted, many are… “TV killed the radio show” – (only it also killed the human race’s collective intelligence – Media storage and presentation technologies such as television… in the beginning, there was the humble vacuuum tube, and then the radar screen, and VOILA, the ability to transmit in real time, LIVE images across the WORLD from one camera lens to BILLIONS of clients/guests/host machines/viewership audiences.

    The radio dominated over television for a good while for several reasons – for starters, it was MUCH cheaper and also MUCH smaller.  It also was much more conducive (its presence in a workplace or home)– first there was the mail service, then there was international banking.. both of those things have INCREDIBLY increased humanity’s progress in technology AND diplomacy, even allowing “evil empires” to be forgiven – sometimes, whether htey’ve been defeated or not.  (I should say “defeated” because really in war an enemy is not defeated, it’s not like the old days where you had kingdoms (and serfdoms( at war wieth each other for no other reason than loyalty to their king or queen, or even, no doubt, out of actual LOVE and ADMIRATION for the king and/or queen… fealty and love, etc….

    So sorry for that off-topic rant, but it was only a minute or two.  I was talking about the radio, and how it was much more — let’s use the word, “sustainable” in cooperation and in tandem – Part and Parcel with the American or British FAMILY LIFE…  It was VERY rare to have more than ONE receiver per household, and also, broadcasts were not even “on” all day long or at night!

    There was also NO way to “choose” what you want tio watch – no on-site local A/V media and devices by which to “DVR” or record, nor off-site “on demand”…

    Back then “live streaming” meant “live streaming video” 100% LITERALLY – AND 100% ANALOG AS WELL.  But that’s just a little tidbit of general interest, probably only of interest to engineers and technicians who like myself whose brains are virtual encylopedias of technology history and how sociology and communication have worked with technology thorugh the generations of mankind – “leapfrogging through time” (sorry, borowing that phrase from where I heard it years ago- a kind of weird vampire movie .. not a big-hit movie like Back to the Future..I’ not even sure whether they broke even or made a profit when they made the seies of movies by name of UNDERWORLD starring the beautiful Kate something or other,I thin.. OH yeah Kate Beckinsale!!! Wow what a memory I’ve got. Because I DO NOT “celebritize” or “idolize” ANYONE (note to anything who has this thought: “Yeah, except YOURSELF, you narcissist”: I have a special message that’s just poppped up on my brain-screen teleprompter; it’s directed at YOU and it’s telling me to tell you to “shut up!”  (lol.. i’m just messing around… I do realize that I come across as a narcisisst somtimes, but if I were a true one, I would not be laughing about it and loving it as a joke – instead, I would not even make a joke about it; I would be doing my best to try to HIDE my narcissisim – iti s NOT exactly a GENERALLY desireable trait, at least not to have in people you are looking to befriend!  HOW INTERESTING IS THAT, THOUGH, … THAT WE ABSOLUTELY WORSHIP AND ADORE THE WORLD’S REAL AND TRUE NARCISISSISTS… Like servile peasants, many of us perhaps thorugh our very DNA molecultar structure stiill have that chracterstic of idolizing – i do not just mean “Oh, yeah I’m a fan of that Saving  Private Ryan guy.. what is his name?oh yeah Matt Damon” (I was not pretrending to have trouble remembering his name for a moment… my ROM (read only memory/deep storage/cold storage site; backup disks, whatever computer analogy you find most applicable and entertaining.. Perhaps because I’m thinking of all this other stuff right now, my top-ranking RAM and ultra hi speed cache is all occupied, and I had to really dip into the pagefile (if you aren’t a computer nerd, a pagefil.sys or whatever – a system file that almost all computers use as part of howthey manage their “mental resources” (the real word is physical architecture, of the CPU, RAM, and all that super-nifty stuff that makes computers possible… the BIOS, for example. (Basic I/O System… == BIOS,  POST  = “Power-On Self-Test”

    When we “power on” in the morning, we perform a POST, along with our morning rituals.  These serve specific purposes, such as stretching, checking for wounds such as spider or bug bites, brushing teeth of excess bacteria, perhaps spend a little bit of time analyizing o r thining about something that had at some time in the past, held great meaning, value, and importance (high QoS/IRQ value stuff – Some of my theories as to what sleep is and why it is so necsssary – YES, INCLUDING DREAMING – Not everyone i the world literally spends their ENTIRE LIVES studying all sorts of scientific information about th e world and about how things work, but many do – and I have always been one of them.  I am NO EXPERT but I do know there is a very complex and highly developed program setup for the human sleep program – right now, scientists who study this sort of thing (sleep studies, the neurobiology of it.. mostly it’s drug companies paying for almost ALL of these VERY, VERY expensive studies – it would be nice if people would contribute to society by donating instead of just blood (or “and” blood), would donate to science and human advancement by p artaking in a serious, very real, not fake, professional organized (even if by “professional volunteers” – it’s not an oxymoron, it just sounds like double-speak  – kind of like “fail-close” and “fail-open” when discussing the “failure state” default during an emergency, an attack of war, terrorism, hacking, someting attemptig to rob a bank…Whatever, you know what I”m talking about, yes?  The term “fail-safe” is a very good one to have as part of something like a six-sigma industrial and corporate development and operational network, such as R&D (research/development), communications, prototypes, suppliers and even uniquely specialized manufacturing companies – even HUMAN BEINGS with EXTREMELY UNIQUE AND EXCEEDINGLY RARE skills, it’s truly something to STEP BACK AND BEHOLD:  The sheer impressive DIVERSITY AND ADAPTIBIILLTY  WE HAVE, in varying degrees – and also (at least for me – i’m going to do something I almost NEVER even attempt, because it’s not easy, and it’s uncomfportable, and it’s difficult to do, frankly.  I’ll try to explain how my brain is doing the following, as I go along:  I was just thinking about the quality control mechanisms (particular fail-safes) – which by itself ALONE was a TANGENT itself (another web or processor thread was born… I love how my brain works, but I can certainly imagine how it could becoema nightmare to hae a brain th at you do’nt love.  Most people aren’t in love with themselves, especially not their physical bodies – but I think most  peple are at least lhappy with who they are; however a GREAT AMANY people ARE NOT happy with who they are, what they are, “who’ve they’ve become” or “what they’ve allowed themselves to become”

    Often in these cases, such people are talking about the sacrifices they’ve made – sacrificing their families (not slaughtering them or making a ritual blood sacrifice of them, LOL – sorry, that was one of those nerdy sense of humor jokes I warned you about.. All I can say is I Hope, Sincerely, that I do not just purely perhance (since I do not know YOU, my reader, PERSONALLY AT ALL, most likely – so I have no way (other than using demographics and “big-data” mining techniques – you know what I mean, when you get those stupid Internet ads that keep popping up again and again for weeks, even MONTHS based on ONE internet search, and the obvious intent is to use big data techniques to connect markets (buyers and sellers)… however, because the technology is, while extrmely advanced and complex, is also very much in its infancy, so I’m not sure if you could call it a “bug” but hey, why not call it a bug, something like that – because as we build our world – let me correct myself on that right now, and change “our world” to “build our WORLDS” (plural worlds).

    Yep, we are.. many if not all of us.. constructing our very own worlds.  Some people take the concept to such a gigantic, enormous level of UNIVERSAL proportions… and other people SERIOUSLY do NOTHING ELSE but stick to their OWN personal stuff, without any interest or desire to improve “the world at large” – I find it difficult to believe; it seems to be almost like a cancer or genetic material replication error: You take someone who is a diagnosed sociopath or psychopath.  Like, HARD-CORE sociopath with psychotic features – well, that PERSONALITY (I much prefer to use natural human language rather than medical billing codes and made-up terminology by a seriously ‘wannabe’ branch of SO-CALLED science and or medicine: I am basically talking about the out-of0-cointrol drug industry, in direct, 100% full bandwidth lock-step connection with the tax regulators – thereby essentially price fixing (generally, that is a CRIME, a very large-scale crime, but it hapens all the time, and “everybody’s doing it”, so those stories you hear about like about that Epi-Pen that saves kids’ lives being illegally and artiifiically inflated (its retail  price) to such a ridiculously high profit margin per unit, it was INSANE and VERY UGLY.

    That drug comany lost a LOT Of public love when that story broke… perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Look it up if not – the “epi pen”… a fair price would be about 8 bucks I guess, and people who have certain allergies, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN (or their parents or caretakers- guardians… since the nuclear family is going obsolete (really, the human race is just going through another “climate change” only this one is unique thorughout history because we now have the beginnings of ONE single government entity, that is supposed to serve EVERY single human being – with things like food stamps, “free”healthcare, “free” food… I use quotes because NOTHING is free!!!!

    Let me explain:  Many people think our Federal Reserve system is not fair.  Meaning, that in some degree, its very existence and function is FRAUDULENT, namely, that its very existence is itself the perpetuation of a MASSIVE FRAUD enacted against those who “the fourth estate” (that is, the mass media – which if you were to consider mainstream media a government operation – which in some ways, it factually and by LAW it IS, in fact an in deed – for  example, our President and our President ALONE (no one else) has the authority and the power to, whenever he wants, basically hit a button called “Go LIVE!” like Facebook had or has…….

    It is intended STRICTLY for EMERGENCY USE and othe rmatters of national SECURITY or I prefer to say NATIONAL SURVIVAL in this particular context.  And I have never heard of it being abused – for example, imagine Hillary or ‘The Don” hitting a button and going live not only on YOUR phone… not only on OUR phones, but on EVERY SINGLE RADIO AND TELEVISION station, including cable, including your car radio, even those programmable traffic signs with backlit text (like the “Amber alert” system, which goes statewide, or can be localized – it has custom settings based on the  information that those dedicated individuals who we entrust with these “super powers” of sorts (Imagine a corny (“corny” – not necessarily an insult or a bad thing… hey, if I took offense to being called “corny”, I would probably cry every day LOL justs kidding.. and yes, that joke WAS corny (is corny) (probably will be corny for eternity. Cornernity Ecornity.. LOL 🙂  I was NOT joking when I told you I”m corny.  I DO write a LOT of serious (dead-serious_ articles, like about politics and things – and one unfortunate-ality of that combined with my complete lack of awareness/concern of specific social cues and niceties… I don’t give them any respect or ‘value’ in my mind, or at least I haven’t as a child; as my psyche made the transfer into the new ‘orbit’ called “adulthood” – (like my “PsycheOrbit”.. lol.. that was an old AOL screen name of mine!!! Lol..)

    It’s not necessary to even be mentioned, really, but I have no problem admitting that I had a  pretty rough time in pulling off that orbital transfer.  I mean, think about your life AS IT IS NOW, and imagine if you had to do it _AGAIN_ – only without any warning and without any knowledge or training, education, or even a manual explaining what it means, what it is, what to expect — lol… a lot like PMS or menopause.. I think a similar process takes place in men as well.

  2. Weird, isn’t it, how I almost ‘equated’ adolescence+ puberty (the shift or development of the human organism from one specifically idenified and well- known *phase* of life (yes, it comes in phases… even afte we reach adulthood, and THERE you can see how my brain is always at work, finding commonalities and ALWAYS BLOCKING OUT UNRELIABLE INFLUENCES – I do my best to keep my brain from being hijacked – don’t have to try that hard, because I am *fairly* well-studied and well-practiced in the nearly lost art of self-preservation – not just in the sense of a survivalist, the type that the media has you immediately and unconsciously calling up images of pain and torture, and crying women and children, blood and wounds, war, police versus the people.. why do they do this?  Do you think it is just a natural human t hing to do?  Or could it possibly be a branch of a very real science called social engineering?  Consider this: The very means by which – the very FUEL and GLUE that builds up little farming towns, all the way up into global superpowers….. nations of all kinds – they are NOT all the same AT ALL.  Ghengis Khan, Ceasar, Stalin, Hitler, history goes back a good way… sure, we all wish we knew a lot MORE.. but time itself being LITERALLY relative, dimensionally, it’s hard to even say in the context of consciousness growth/expansion… socio-political human developent, as a  professioal study branch of history, for example… I(i’m not very smart at all; unfrotunately I cannot even call up the word I am looking fo, because I may not even know it… I am NOT professionally indoctrinated – no not even by right-wing radio shows; I am SELF-TAUGHT.

    I BUILT MYSELF, WITHOUT A DOUBT – Yes, no man is an island, and I had some help, but I had to figure this thing called “life” out almost all on my own, since age 10 anyay, which is why my parents split up and basicaly left me in the twilight zone, my basic needs cared for but very little else – in fact, you’d never guess that I come from a broken home and even get to say that for at least a couple of years of “growing up”, I even lived in a real-life ghetto (as opposed to the Hollywood versions, like stage set with props and stuff)

    And I DO NOT want to hear Obama (or ANY ONE) tell me that I did not build my own self.  Tony Robbinssaid, with unbelievably powerful adn obvious emphasis with his impeccable physique… he almost seems unreal, like a different species – I want to say like an animal but he’s no animal,  he’s a genius.

    And the WHOLE reason that I’ve been talking about Tony Robbins this last bit of time, is because of ONE SENTENCE or somesuch that he said: “I  BUILT this motherfucker you’re looking at, right here!”   He is a very physically impressive person, that is what invoked the word “animal” to draw a comparison (a comparison i immediately withdrew; I am not saying he’s an animal, unless i’s in a good way )..   It would be easy for the cynic to simply say, “I don’t buy any of that crap.  He  charges so much money; he’s built a mega-fortune EMJPIRE of sorts, internationally (tho i truly had never heard of him or seen hi until his netfix arrangement…   ~ It’s very easy to judge others in cases like this, but I think we need to be FAIR; if we are giong to “play at” being a Judge… (“Judge not, lest ye be judged” – I believe that means we are all imperfect creatures, and so to “judge” others (in the mode of … creating, maintaining, and perpetuating negative images or perceptions of others – perhaps it is something epole use as a tool of competition:  “yeah, I put him in his place baby”….  reporting in such a way as to subtlety (and NOT-SO SUBTLEY) enahnce and zoom in on negative aspects and perceptions of a person (or even a thing, or an idea… it’s the same t hing , or even spreading lieis

  3. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<MUST PAUSE HERE FOR REST OF EYES MAY NEED SOME EXERCISE AD FOOD,, WILL PUBLISH NOW IN CASE AUTO-SAVE DID NOT WORK…  in the words of The Schwarzenegger.. i mean Terminator.. “AHL B BAK”…

    Obviously I am not a genetic engineer or God, and obviously I did not “invent” or “build” the human design; the blueprint of DNA, and so on..  that’s absurd.  What I mean is that, to quote loosely the mentor and public speaker Tony Robbins (who I first head of – and have not heard of since, except once, w here he was on the back of a self-help book, lending the book an endorsement — anyway, on Netflix I had no idea what or who Tony Robbins was or is, but it was called “Tony Robbins: I am Not your Mentor” (or some othe word similar to ‘mentor’… guru maybe? not sure… don’t have time to look it up right now; brain is already on overclocking mode, I cannot afford to let out any more new “webs” or trains of thought… I feel like if I let just a few more trains out of my wheelhouse/roundhouse of locomotives, I will really lose track of all the traffic in the air; forget webs and trains and how about insted think of flight control teams for air tranportation… the skies are just too heavy with thoughts and ideas now to go opening up another can of worms.  All i wanted to say was that Tony Robbins impressed me when he gave a very brief autobiography, which he did only reluctantly, after considerably tenacioius and repeated promptings on the matter from the journalist who produced th

    my new custom Linux Apache2 server, so far… among other things. It’s my latest project (in addition to/in combination with building a custom desk s pace in my office as well as removing old stuff no longer useful/needed, a lot of old boxes from moving…

Look at thow TINY that thing is! Raspberry Pi.. the hard drive in it now is a microSD 16GB LOL how awesome is that??? it runs everything off of that,out of the box… but you can installl arger ones (i think it came with an 8GB… i have several.. i may yet upgrade it again, hat’s what you see thre n ext to it.. my ‘folder case’ full of microSD cards and SD full size 10 and up high quality high speed cards for my hi speed professional Nikon D3200 DSLR (interchangeable zoom and other lenses)…(some lenses are like $40,000) …anyway it’s got THE BEST of both worlfds (film on an SLR (single lens reflex) camera – only you do’t have to keep buying different film, switching out your film for ISO speed (the size of the photo-absorbent silver particles.. pixels of silver, in the negatives of film() and no need to pay to get them developedl


EVEN MORE EXCITING is that it has a LOT of newer technology and allows add ons like wifi controller, remotes, lwild exposure settings.. i haven’t found a time lapse function, which sucks.. Right now I’m trying to program my HD 2,040 pixel Mobius action cam , a tiny little thing as big as a stick of chewing gum almost, with its own onboard power source, and you can buy different lenses for it (called Lens A, B and C… with special specs listed)… You can also adjust the focus to make it into a MACRO camera, since it is so tiny, you can use it as a live composite-out feed, or with digital software using USb.
It’s a great product made by som seriously smart people who really knew what they wanted to build in a camera, and by God they actually produced it, brought it to market, got manufacturig set up in ‘china .. and have an outlet retail store in NYC, which I ordered it ffrom online either on amazon or ebay or their own website.

They have AMAZING customer support.. one time I was confused about something and a little angry , i felt ripped off for some reason that it didnt’ come with a USB splice output… lTHAT’S hwhat i spent $250 on taht PVR Hauppage boxc for. i camn take those composite and RCA single yellow plus red/white stereo audio input, and convert them into a capture for recording or for output to any huge monitor….
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Diagrams for wiring the USB cables are avaiaable from the manufacturer, for free, and also they sell onesd pre made for those who are afraid of breaking it… GREAT company, i wish all companies were like this one.. the Mobius Action Cam…. google for it, deal directly with their store/compay websit rather than an affiliiate .. they will literally spend an HOUR on th ephone just chatting explaning the entire system and ARCHITECTURE of how they designed and built it, even talking about pitfallsl and perils they run into with supply chains.. it was really cool…. it was like i was talking to the CEO of Sony or something…
Like · Reply · 22 mins
Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Hey now that I just remembered all that (i TOLD you, i have liek a million pet projects and inventions ….. so many that right now i’m inventing a master bookkeeeping system ,,f irist on paper then i’m gonig to actually program my own database and idea-invention managemnt system, i may need siome help but after another year or two i might not, either… i could sell it as an app (im studyig to becomem an android developer, after i get my CompTIA Security+ cert… That means I’m a certified engineer, technician, network security expert, oficially certified by a VENDOR NEUTRAL, globally recognized, lseriousl institiuition… as wel as the IEEE, I can participate i RFC’s (requests for comments) whenever the electronics committeees are developing the next big thing – like WiFi, bluetooth, protocvols for networking… a lot of stufff, thee’s also IANA and ICANN…. and ISO/OSI… tthe telecom engineering asociatios liike TIA… lol.. it’s reallly a great hobby; I’ve ALWAYS loved tinkering with electronics and I have SO many inventions, just to keep track of them requires its own invention because my brain is like The Fountainhead…..

I HAVE purchased a professional grade digital voice recorder.. top notch, phiulips waws like $300… I have not even gotten it to hook up for Voice to text… man, rmembwer trhe days when OCR was gona be the shit??? Optical character recognition??
Like · Reply · 16 mins
Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Now it’s voice recognition still improving.. even in new cars, you speak an adddress and like 50% of the time it’s COMPETELY WRONG, even afgter 5 tries STILL wrong…. and i’m thinking, gee mr. program for GPS in this car, you’re not very bright are you?? You keep returning the same data based on your input, don’t you implicitly KNOW that the mere fact that I said “no” or had to “say again” should that not AUTOMATICALLY tell you in your database object somewhere tio “X that one ouot” and use heuristics , algos etc to pick out the next most likely address based on the speech?
Like · Reply · 14 mins
Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Also why not take and compare the speech itself, so that by the time you’ve given the order 3 times, well, it would be quite a challeng to progoram, but less so if you simply TRAINED T HE HUMANS to speak in an exact protocol and sequence, as if you were directly speaking into an SQL database creating a query!!!!

How cool is that? If people simply knew how to use proper protocol .. IT’S NOT THAT HARD, JUST USE THE SAME FORMAT THAT WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE, EXACTLY LIKE THE US POST OFFICE)
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter could also let the peoiple who cn’t be bothered to say zip code nd all (EVEN IF it means their order is TAKEN CORRECTLY IN THE FIRST TRY, some epopel just want to talk however they want, as if th ey are PURPOSELY tryin gto MAKE IT NOT WORK.. lol.. seriously…. But it’s also defiitely true that in a lot of cases, you can have an address that’s easily within driving distance to present location (that sh ould ALWAYS be one of the adjustable varaiables, live or updated every 5 minutes at least, to compare with a function call or subroutine the DIFFERENCE between the resulting data set (coming out of the voice command function)..
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Usig tsmilar technology priinci[ples as chasing down nuclear missiles, traffic control over the Web, and antivirus / spyware detection / zero day exploit attack avoidance… Heuristics could farilyeasily enhance the outcome of the voice to text inquiriies
Like · Reply · 10 mins
Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Very important in a car, because it could save thousands of lives to have peope simjply sp eak as they drive, and not fiddling with buttons or phones. So therefore, propose a committee for a NONPROFIT entitty to manage voice command functionality – paid for by volunteers/memebers of the committteees… and if government or private customers want to use it for their own NON-LIFE-SAVING purposes, then a fee structure similar to open source software could be set up. I am guessing Google is the best voice recog and realtime analysis engine out there… coudl be wrong tho… someone help me out, wh at’s thet best way to go about making this proposal in an official format?

If I do and get published, it will extend by 1 year or so, my active offical certfied professoinal status….
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Emilio Medina
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter you see, I just “invented” or thought all that out, as i t y ped i t, without efven time to fix my st upid typos. My brain is like a wreckign ball sometimes… overweight, but very effective if it can just be harnessed properly (OCD, ADHD, etc.)… And I must evaluate the imioprtnace and relevance of each of my NEVERENEIDNG supply of inventions and ideas such as this one… if you think i’ve just revealed one of my inventionso i public, don’t klid yourself…. I have NEVER EVER published any of my invetions that are REALLY serious with HUGE MARKET POTENTIAL AND OPPORTUNITY … some are almost a sure hit… But i don’t have the funding to do it, and I don’t nwo who to talk to that I can trust not to steal the idea Come on.. they advertise on TV….that means if I call or write, it woudln’t even be in encrypted form at all, and i’d be talking to some hourly phone operator who will probably basically be filling out a form or checklist … Maybe I should contact them just to INQUIRE as tho their procedure and any assurances they can make such as noncompetittive clasuses and NDAs etc… nondisclosure..

InventHelp | Helping Inventors with Patents and Invention Ideas
We help everyday inventors patent and submit their ideas to companies. InventHelp has been in business for over 30 years. Contact us now for free information!
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter I wonder if there is already a committee or organization for this purpose, that is NOT for profit.. i suppose it’s cdallled the US patent office but an old friend of mine, who sadly had died after being abused for years, and who had gotten “idsability money” like $20k all at once and spent most of it just paying some dumb lawyer to fill out billing line items and put HUGE dollar sign marks next to them….. I saw the official packet of paperwork that the lawyer/patent company produced, and it was PUHHHTHETIC. I coud’t believe it, it ws OUTRIGHT THEFT from a poor young girl who can barely walk anymore who just spent her last money on a dream….
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Thomas M Hatter
Thomas M Hatter Emilio Medina ii’m talking about Remembering Cristalla

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