INDIVISIBLE: The Constitution of our Shared Humanity

July 18, 2018

Seeking our Constitution, both as Individuals and as ‘Collectives’ or Groups

The science of Demographics (ostensibly) seeks to answer such questions

However, as time goes on, we seem only to be digging ourselves deeper and deeper into the same old hole, trying to find our way back out, but it seems like the more we try to work our way out of our increasingly polarized society – as we are beginning to teeter along the ‘tipping point’ of what may become part of a real societal “black swan”

I need to put this aside for now, as I’m falling asleep… so glad that WordPress is a free data entry and storage solution, at no direct out of pocket monetary cost to me.

Debate #1:  Capitalism vs. Socialism
Debate #2:  Demographics (“demo-” + (cracy) (graphics)
Debate #3:  The Government NEEDS all that money it’s getting .. The corrupt folks at the higher positions of power milk the system dry, allocating all the best money at the top

Subliminal – hypnosis, triggers, manchurian candidate type technology – only applied in reverse

Tea Party grassroots movement is used by as the role model for promoting the progressive agenda (whatever form that may take at any given moment, lol)

They affect the way we perceive beauty, how we interpret entertainment such as movies, our Netflix TV series, social media posts, TV news
cycles, political commentaries and “opinion makers”, and even, of course, policymaking; who we elect to hold public office up to the
highest level – the national level, for instance (what constitutes a “nation” in the first place –

Previously, these fundamentals have been specifically defined and enshrined in the founding documents of nations – the “Constitution”,
aptly named from the very most basic constituent elements of a culture or society, and within nationwhich is the individual, and even

Founding Idea of above (the “trigger” for me):  Think about the almost mythical tales surrounding the epic battles between thomas edison and Tesla..  Bill Gates, and the Woz.. The guy who sued Zuckerburg or FB for “stealing” or “copying” his idea that had something to do with the technology.

I don’t know anything much, really, about the specifics of any of these ‘battles’ but as I was pondering them, something occurred to me: Many times, in the backdrop of competition and capitalism, there will be several teams working in parallel (different companies performing the same research)

Some of them totally fail, and then, instead of incorporating each others work they end up being kicked out…

The entire course of history and technological development occurs in little groups like this: fits and starts… the internal combustion engine… the LASER (an acronym), the wheel, the radio.. much of development takes place this way…

Obama and his infamous “You didn’t build that!” style remarks come to mind…  We have to confess

Debate/Critique #2: Demo-graphics

I was just reading a Quora article or question/answer session, about “Is it offensive to refer to black people as chocolate”

(well… stop the train right now, i would say as MY answer.. because the very PREMISE of the question IS ITSELF RACIST… Let alone

How? Because it assumes that all “black people” are incapable of standing up for themselves and, as individuals, considering, for
themselves, as individuals one at a time the context and whether the word (chocolate, in this case) is being used in that particular
moment and context, from that particular application, and in that particular situation (unique to that person – and to the person using
the word)

It’s pretty sad, in my view, that somehow we’ve allowed the wide spirit of discourse – ostensibly, public discourse, and debate – the
operating theater of politicians and large-scale marketing campaigns, where the “market” or “public” is divided up into little blocs or
groups based on demographics…

These “demos” are defined by a process based on surveys, polling data (“scientific” polls, as well as informally collected and analyzed
data – this is literally an entire scientific discipline unto itself) …

Let me for a moment break this down into two separate

Debate Z:  GETTING OFFENDED, ALLOWING US TO HAVE TO STOP WHAT WE ARE THINKING AND TAKE A DIFFERENT ‘THOUGHT-COURSE… All in the interest of potentially preventing someone’s feelings from being hurt by the use of an idea or a word…

It’s pretty easy to control entire populations this way – without them even realizing it’s being done to them.  It also allows us to get under their skin to the point of literally controlling them almost like zombies, in a largely predictable pre-set pattern – controlling their thoughts as well as their actions and behaviors…

Some examples I’ve seen in recent years have been so obvious, and with obvious goals as well.  Revolutions are systematically fomented this way; nations destroyed, regimes toppled… politicians and political parties

i think parenting is very important and vital, and it’s a huge mistake that they are trying to destroy it for the “greater good” they think will come from breaking the bonds of love between parents and children, and between partners in marriage.

They think that with “free love” everyone will love each other equally, in some vague notion of a utopia.. because without any allegiances to family, parents, children, partner (husband, wife) etc, and also without allegiances to countrymen .. this new “world order” of one global government, one global economy, one global religion (optional of course) will eventually mean that we will have utopia… no borders… no culture clashes

the problem is, peple ARE different… and if you mix different cultures in the same neighborhood, you end up with everyone at each others throats and no one’s happy.

example: one culture might have loud festivals on X Y and Z holidays, or play loud music at 10pm instead of 5pm... this happens all around, i can’t understand why so many people are in denial about it.

It’s also to do with age.. young people stay up much later, even 1, 2am.. older people go to bed at like 6pm

Part of the problem is that we’ve been ‘indoctrinated’ to get offended the minute anyone identifies Truth … even the very idea of something being True, or being a provable Fact, is literally under attack lately. It’s pretty scary.



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