The Herd vs. the Kitten: Finding Proper Voice
Speaking of “the herd”… lol… I was just writing about herd behavior, in both humans and animals…

Here is a skit from a play. (Tell me if you’ve seen this play before!)
Saturday, July 21, 2018

Some kids are in the playground at school as they are forming groups in lines so they can be more easily sorted and managed before being corralled (like a herd) into the public school building. A dialogue opens up between one group of friends, and a “lone wolf” child.

“Lone Wolf” is just one of several different names; what the Education Administration calls him, anyway.  It’s ironic, how the system’s authorities categorize and label students using what basically amounts to “professional version” of the terms sudents almost

All he really is, though, is a bit shy: There’s so much going on in his head at any given moment, that he sometimes feels like he can’t quite match the speed of his thoughts and ideas to his speech.  He says that it can be cumbersome to dynamically process at a conscious level all of the nuanced, subtle details involved in manipulating the cadence of his speech, the tone, volume, speed, the many different possible pathways (and all of their meanings) that can be inferred through pitch, accentuation of certain syllables, how and where particular emphasis should placed for optimum effect, and so on,

It can quickly become exhausting, and when he is addressing an audience of more than one person, it can begin to seem like a Herculean task, trying to juggle so many different functions in the same moment. That is before to more than one person at

Actually, though, far from being a “wolf”, the way he feels is more like a “scarey cat” or a lost kitten.

According to rumors, when no teachers or student aids are nearby to answer to or hold them accountable for their actions is within earshot, there are far uglier, intentionally hurtful and cruel names assigned to him, almost as a game, nothing but a fun and delightful daily routine for those who participate. Through an endless array* of offensive and mocking gestures, hand signals

No one really wants to say what names they use for him when

… Spitballs.

Look at me! :makes a funny face:
Look at how WEIRD I am! Isn’t it hilarious!
(Yeah; he’s SO weird, LOOK at him!)
Haha! Oh, what’s that? Is he trying to say, STOP?
:kicks him on the floor:
(Stop what? :kicks again: THIS?)

Come on guys I was just messing around – I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was just making a joke. No need for physical violence!
(Aren’t words cruel enough?)

“Speech is Violence”

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