aug2 school shootings, birth pangs (short. del)

School shootings are the birth pangs of a new age (and it’s not good!) .. new rules about role of TV and schools and movies and music – even internet … not exactly 1984 but sharing many methods

Govt… costs n taxes n fraud are where all our prosperity are going, resulting in poverty and hunger still being a thing .. esp. The prison system… public works .. theft

Christianity is hated why? Because of the white or west or european base? Hate is directed centrally, just like under Hitler in Germany

Central control (large even global orgs as govt w authority) are desired for their perceived benefits such as equanimity or at least equal application under the law or by policy regulating healthcare, education, transportation, finance, manufacturing etc. (Look at eurozone for example]…

How can many different nations with many different not only languages (which at least can be interpreted) but many different cultures and even ways of thinking and living (introvert vs extroverts)

Undeniably, there are advantages to centralized power structures.. take 3d topography or city water management – or national (and geographically bound) planning systems for example NYC…. there must be some degree of consensus from the immediate and surrounding communities, especially as relates to the new construction

Will people ever realize that the principles and practice (daily living) Jesus taught in the Bible (new testament) are as Jordan Peterson suggests, not only a solution to our problems in the church itself – but the “spirit” of Being, and how he taught us to treat each other and how to tune up our spirits and attitude … The way I hear it being explained by both preachers and advocates of both science and religion .. do not stir up Benjamin Franklin .. Also be careful not to disturb the spirits of Revolution.. lol, this

I think it will soon be time for a turnover or revival in the way we function together as a society. With the push for globalism, it seems like it would be impossible to have separate states or nations that are centered around a particular culture.

I wonder if such ideas really are being abandoned, or perhaps integrated into a scheme such as / like the EU? Putting aside the many flaws inherent in such a system, I think it is noble to aim for or allow for local differences (rather than trying to force it upon them) (the same concept applies to mobile phone and PC/ mac standards and languages and software, programming

This question – how to connect or integrate different cultures and systems

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