About Me – Diversity Squared (or is it cubed, or phase-transition to plasma?) lol j/k



My name is Brendon, and since I no longer find it feasible to lease and host my own domain names and websites, since they are now available for free – and because I need to learn how to operate within these newer systems – I am a blogger now, and also using this format, among others, to save my work in case an SSD crashes again.

Topics include EVERYTHING.  What I write is my property, as I may one day wish to, if possible, publish a book.  I don’t see it yet, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Who can tell for sure, what the next five or ten years will bring?  I have been a writer and an admin and a PPC earner for a while, and then took a break, and now I’m looking to break my way back into the marketplace.

I am a writer, a photographer (not wedding photographer – a freelance photographer, with a good eye for a good scene, and both are just hobbies).  Over a decade ago, I had a few instructional community websites, where I had to pay for my own domain registration, host, and everything, and do all the work myself…. and I linked with Commission Junction and such, to incorporate links to, say, Amazon.com books that I recommend, along with the content of my material, for instance, with my own photographs and descriptions, I would at the bottom of the page have a list of 2 or 3 books I recommend.  The visitor (and I had a good amount of traffic volume, so…) (and CarFax was one of them – another one is if you get someone to sign up for a credit card, that’s a flat $20 commission right there, bam – If I sold an engine, the commission was over $150, though those sales sometimes involved phone calls with the prospective purchaser of a $4,800 engine.  But that was the old days.  And my day jobs back then paid far more than the $400 a month or so a website would make, so I lost interest, and ended up losing focus on one site in order to try out another one, getting lost in the cost structures and graphs of CPC models and keywords and an entire business plan that’s practically a book with diagrams I have written on paper with pen, which I still have – but then there was the ‘bubble burst’ and all of that got put on the back shelf.  I was well on my way to making that magical “six figures” but it fell apart, and I’ve been studying the new marketplace out there and one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot more is required – whether it’s volume, sheer repetitive work/boring stuff, having something truly unique – and then somehow releasing it to an audience you aren’t sure you even have lined up, and then patent/copyright protection on top of that!  And the industry changes so quickly it’s also a huge risk.  But alas, such is the nature of business.

-Brendon June 30, 2013

One response to “About Me – Diversity Squared (or is it cubed, or phase-transition to plasma?) lol j/k

  1. Update: I leased a domain for this for 2 years – only to find out it’s 13.99 a month or $99 or more. So much fo that. I’ll have to find a better way to do SEO than a domain link to something like this page, which is a blog and more of an autobiography and publication of some of my more interesting / bizarre thoughts and ideas. My hope is that out of all the thousands of people who read my articles, and view my videos (I find Facebook useless so far because well, frankly it’s too popular and not speciifc, and so full of ads and privacy issues I plan to migrate away from it entirely in favor of google youtube and instagram. Speaking of instagram i created an account today. . My ID there is “Lovemeorhatemysoul” lol 🙂


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