Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”)… My Two Cents

So, apparently the United States President claims the title of “No one is more frustrated” than he is, according to Jay Carney tonight on Piers Morgan Live. The same President who threatened a VETO when we were down the WIRE on a vote on debt ceiling, A VETO ON ANY BILL THAT WOULD GIVE “EQUAL RIGHTS” TO THE CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT – In other words, I suspect he might NOT be the ‘MOST FRUSTRATED’ one, if HE HIMSELF HAD TO SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE. Irony is defined by a President who signs into a law the ACA, then modifies it last minute, some say unconstitutionally, by selective enforcement by delaying the CORPORATE MANDATE while leaving the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE to the POOR WORKING CLASS. I don’t know how you measure frustration, but coming from someone who actually ADOPTED the name, “OBAMACARE” (with reference to the ACA) – WHO THREATENED TO EXERCISE VETO POWER EVEN IF ON THE SOLE ISSUE OF REMOVING THE PRESIDENTIAL AND CONGRESSIONAL EXEMPTION from the “Special People” who don’t have to bother with Obamacare, and are on so-called ‘Cadillac’ healthcare plans.

Mind you, I do believe that the nation’s leaders should be able to receive the best healthcare services available, if they are in an active government role such as Senator, House Representative, or POTUS. I agree with it in principle.

But in reality, the irony is astounding, when you actually think about the veto threat – in effect, POTUS placed the ACA individual mandate, but removed the corporate mandate for one year, when In My Opinion he should have delayed the MANDATE for one year OR NOT AT ALL…. and then EXEMPTS him SELF from the bill that also goes by the name “Obamacare” – a name that its opponents used as something of a derogatory term, and then President Obama actually adopted it and PROUDLY referred to the ACA as “Obamacare” esp. during 2012 Presidential election and debates.

Now, he is referring to it as not Obamacare anymore, from what bits and pieces I have seen, but the ACA or Affordable Healthcare Act….

In the famous words of that character in that cartoon show (do not recall name of character or show) …. “The-tha-the-that’s ALL, folks!” I believe it may be Looney Tunes. Or is it Lord Stingray? I had another one in mind, but I’m terrible with cartoon citations.


Brendon Tristal
Copyright (c) 2013 October 21 (Monday)
Note: All proprietary words/trademarks/servicemarks used with respect to their rightful owners.

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