Regarding CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s seeing the light of medical and societal marijuana

I have observed in my younger years the exact MECHANISM by which Marijuana acts as a so-called “GATEWAY DRUG” – And I have learned the secret knowledge: It is THIS:

When teens and young adults are (inevitably) ‘introduced’ to marijuana, wherever and however – they might try it. And then realize later on that they had actually broken ‘the’ law… That is, they had done something they thought was completely innocent, and then they began to really grasp the concept that there are thousands of Americans serving YEARS in REAL PRISONS just for “Marijuana” … And at that point, if they are “ordering” marijuana or purchasing it from the dude at the party or on campus – that ‘dude’ ALSO just HAPPENS to carry the MUCH MORE DANGEROUS drugs, too, and so why not try those, as well, since he already has them on his person for sale?

And there are also those Friday nights where a DEA raid somewhere in Mexico has been successful, cutting off the supply of your friendly local marijuana dealer’s marijuana – BUT – that’s when HE has to keep his profits moving along, and offers you an “Upgrayyed” (20th Century Fox, Idiocracy) – and at that point, many college students begin to abuse prescription drugs and/or experiment with all sorts of other drugs.

Brendon Tristal
August 9, 2013

tags:  Medicinal marijuana, CNN Weed, THC, therapeutic marijuana, avoiding smoking marijuana, shining the light and illuminating the lies and myths of the devil’s weed

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